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Asus EEE PC used by criminals to rig ATM to steal credit card info

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The cheapest UMPC in town, the Asus EEE PC, has fallen into the hands of three criminals in Brazil, using it to rig ATM to grab credit card information and personal information numbers for cloning credit cards.

The three men are actually the experts in cloning credit cards at ATMs, and they always do it with the same method. A video captured by the security camera at the bank lobby shows that how one of them opens up one of the ATM machines and the other helps him with the installation of the Asus Eee PC. They’d always repeat the same method, by disabling the rest of the machines leaving only the rigged one as the only machine that client could use for withdrawal etc.

The three men seemed to be unaware of that they were being recorded by the camera installed at the bank’s ATM lobby. The next day, the bank manager noticed that the door was forced, and all the ATMs were disabled except one. He then checked the security video to find out what’d happened the night before and then reported to the police.

The police just took a quick search for the usual suspects, and it didn’t take them too long. As one of them, the idiotic Crook happened to drop by the police station to denounce a car accident.

Three of them had a previous criminal history for bank assault in other parts of the country, so they got arrested shortly thereafter. Article brought to you via

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