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Kenneth Keith Kallenbach is Dead

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It was just reported on the Kidd Chris Show moments ago, that Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Howard Stern Wackpacker and erstwhile comedian has died.

The story is that Kenneth caught pneumonia while in jail and died of complications thereof.

Details about the death of Kenneth Keith Kallenbach are sketchy as of right now. But the funny(?)man has left the building, reports HalfNinja blog.

"According to Steve Langford, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach’s mother told Howard 100 news that Kenneth had died at a hospital currently awaiting trial," writes

Wikipedia on Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach appeared several times on the Howard Stern Television Show in the early 1990s, and is famous for his ludicrously unsuccessful attempts to blow smoke out of his eyes, which once resulted in his vomiting on camera. During a "Howard Stern Celebrity Bowling Match" (including participants "Grandpa" Al Lewis, Jessica Hahn, Young MC, Pat Cooper, Marilyn Michaels and Frank Stallone), Kallenbach pulled a cooked chicken out of his pants, rubbed it all over his face, then proceeded to light firecrackers taped to his genitals. Show producer Dan Forman then removed him from the studio.

Kallenbach is now on Sirius and has participated in many Howard Stern shows. A video of his comedy was shown on Maximum Exposure and many other shows. He has also released new DVD of his comedy show called "American Icon". Kenneth Keith Kallenbach has been in many different TV shows, movies and commercials. He has a band, "The Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Band". He does stand-up comedy. He writes and directs and acts in his own comedy sketches. He released a sketch comedy DVD nationally called "American Icon".

On Thursday, April 24, 2008, it was reported on the Stern show that Kallenbach died of pneumonia while in police custody for a probation violation related to an alleged attempted abduction.


Submitted by Virginia Cervino (not verified) on
I dated Kenny for a while. This is too sad. Kenny was a sweet, kind, and genuinely dumb witted.Kenny's fascade was not an act. Kenny wasn't a tard he was naive and that was part of his charm. There is no way Kenny would have intentionally tried to "lure" an underaged girl into his car. He wasn't smart enough to be devious. He probably thought she was "hot."I had to correct the English and grammar on his resume. A pervert? Kenny? get the hell out of here. One time, I had on a fishnet body stocking and he had me put my Versace pumps back on... if you wanna call that perverted then knock yourself out, you gotta be a Holy-rollin religious fanatic. I'm 10yrs older than him and we went out for a while. He adored me. He was so sweet and so good to me. He was a good son to his mother, God Bless her. I don't know what happened but when we dated he had a breathilizer thing attached to his car he had to breathe into or it wouldn't start. I feel so terrible I dumped the poor thing but it was hard for him to follow a conversation because he wasn't that bright. Like when he told me he was an actor, I said something about Cassablanca, he said, "What's that?"" I don't know what you're talking about." I said, ya know Ingred Bergman and Humphrey Bogart... he said, "Who's that?" in his redneck accent. At first I thought it was cute and he was kidding but he wasn't. He wasn't that bright but he had a heart of gold. Kenny was genuine, sweet, silly, funloving and pure.(even if he did hump the walls for the Howard Stern Show. He didn't have an egotistical or self-serving bone in his body.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It would be good if he was innocent for his name to be cleared.

Submitted by K80 (not verified) on
Please note that he is holding Michael Shelley's awesome album Half Empty.

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