Jack - your nice buddy gets your earbuds well organized

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Many of us these days are looking for more expensive wireless or Bluetooh-enabled earphone or hands free for your iPod or cellphone, is simply because of one reason i.e. we hate those dangling cords as we can’t get any better organizer to help us out with those easily tangled-up cord of the earphone.

But now with the little earbud Jack, you’d be free from worry of the dangling cord of your earphone and can fall back to using the traditional wired earphone that you’d always love to.

The little Jack here simply reminds me of James, which Jack is also a little nice guy sacrificing himself getting bondaged to sort out the dangling cords of your ear buds.

Jack is a little nice guy that you’ll always feel comfortable having him around with your other MP3 accessories and gadgets. It’s always the best friend to help you sort out your earbuds. Just throw the earbuds on its shoulders, pull the cord under his food, wrap the rest around his head and feet, and lastly, get its hand to hold the plug for you.

That’s all, how your earbuds are now nicely held by the earbud Jack and the cord won’t get tangled anymore. Earbud Jack is a product of WhatIfWidgets.com. Article brought to you via www.TechChee.com

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