Youtube Up After Problems Bring It Down

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Update: YouTube is Up and running. Bravo Google for quick fix. Earlier we had reported (see below) that YouTube was down, but not it's working fine.

The You Tube website appears to be down due to problems. The videos of You Tube have disappeared from all blogs and the site is not accessible.

"Somebody either pushed the wrong button at or someone perhaps didn't pay their bill," writes one blogger.

Zennie's Zeitgeist reports that YouTube has been down since "AT 6:16 AM SATURDAY, MAY 3RD" but it's not clear to which time zone the blogger is referring to.

We don't know yet what at this time has caused the You Tube problems, but the site being down has caused panic all over the internet since the YouTube videos that serve millions of websites including HULIQ are down too making the video contents of those sites not functioning at all.

Here is what Zennie's Zeitgeist reports on the blog

I do not know how this happened, but YouTube is down and so is my 230 video channel. Centernetworks reports that the DNS for YouTube has been hacked. Man Chad (Hurley, the co-founder of YouTube) must be going nuts.

Subject: route fully down
Pinging the Youtube DNS shows the route is down at the datacenter:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
3 ( 1.094 ms 10.260 ms 1.101 ms
4 ( 1.392 ms ( 1.607 ms 1.708 ms
5 ( 80.579 ms 80.300 ms 80.451 ms
6 * * *

We just hope that either Google may come up with some press release about why YouTube is down and what has caused the problems or just wait and see until the You Tube videos come back.

Update: It's good to see YouTube back again, up and running.

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