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Devotec solar charger - green charger for frequent travelers

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Making use of natural resources such as sunlight to produce juice for your gadgets is a neat idea. The Devotec solar charger is another charger that soaks up sunlight and store in its internal cell, which can then used to charge your gadgets.

The Devotec solar charger is best for frequent travelers. It weights about 80g and the size is about the size of the first gen iPod Nano. Despite the size, it still packs enough energy in its internal 1800mAh Lith-ion battery to juice up your gadgets 2 times or more before needing to be re-charged.

The Devotec solar charger comes with options to tap power from other sources too. During rainy days that you don’t get much sunlight, you’ll still be able to use the AC source or your computer’s USB port to store some juice in it to be used later for charging your gadgets.

This solar charger comes with various accessories, such as AC adapter, USB cable and various adapters that can suit phones or gadgets including Nokia (old and new), Motorola/Blackberry/mini USB, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, PSP/Digital Cameras and Ipod etc. You can also add a USB travel plug to the pack which allows you to get access to charge the unit over 180 countries.

A single charge will let the juice to be stored in it for at least three months. It just costs you as little as $40. Besides, the mentioned accessories, it also comes with a stylish pouch to protect it from getting scratches and knocks. Article brought to you by Gadget blog,


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That's great gadget. It's very suitable in off-grid region, very strong demand in sunshine Africa, you can get more this kind of solar charger from

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