Weather Channel's Hillary Andrews Wins Bob Stokes Harassment Case

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Hillary Andrews, 38, ex-anchorwoman on The Weather Channel, has won a sexual harassment case against former co-anchor Bob Stokes.

In the suit, Hillary Andrews claims Stokes repeatedly asked her about her sex life and made crude comments.

“Stokes began telling her he was attracted to her,” the suit said. “He told her that it had been a long time since he had been so attracted to someone. He repeatedly asked whether she was attracted to him. He repeatedly asked if she would go out with him. He made crude sexual remarks (e.g., ‘Will you lick my swizzle stick?’)”

Andrews, who has worked as a meteorologist since 1998, was employed by The Weather Channel from September 2003 through August 2006. She claims the harassment began shortly after she was hired as Stokes’ co-anchor on a prime-time weekend show. According to the suit, when Andrews complained, The Weather Channel placed her on the overnight shift and would not renew her contract.

Under the terms of her contract, Hillary Andrews was required to take the sexual harassment claims to arbitration rather than go to court.

Although Andrews is seeking to make the arbitrator’s findings public, The Weather Channel is fighting to keep the details of the lawsuit private.

Source: By Bitten and Bound

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