Air New Zealand Bares All with New Naked Commercials

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Air New Zealand is taking a previously unheard of step in their advertising and in-flight safety videos. Their workers are appearing completely naked, with body paint passing for uniforms and strategically placed seat belts and flight props, such as beverage carts and luggage, as well as discreetly modest camera angles, taking care of the rest. Air New Zealand's naked commercials represent their practice of having no hidden fees.

The idea of these commercials is based on Air New Zealand's policy of having each flight completely paid for up-front. In today's world of unexpected baggage costs and the like, this is a nice claim all by itself. However, this airline is sweetening the deal with an eyebrow-raising ad campaign, involving nude airline employees.

The employees in Air Zealand's commercials and in-flight safety videos have very realistic-looking uniforms painted on their naked bodies. When I watched the commercial that has had a multitude of YouTube hits (come on, you'll watch it too), I was amused by how tastefully it was done. When you hear that an airline is putting naked employees in their commercials, I don't know that Air New Zealand's commercials are what you'd necessarily expect.

In my opinion, the most interesting (and impressive) thing about this ad campaign is that models and actors are not used for the commercials. The commercials feature actual Air New Zealand employees. The employees are even shown performing their real job duties in the commercials almost exclusively - in the one seen here, the only person not doing their real-life job is Rob Fyfe - Air New Zealand's chief executive who is seen as a luggage handler.

I find Air New Zealand's naked commercials light-hearted and refreshing. They are interesting enough to cause a buzz, but innocent enough in their execution that I wouldn't think twice about a child seeing them. Their brevity provides a nice break from the gloom-and-doom mood that is permeating the air travel industry right now because of the economic slump. In fact, according to the Times, the commercials only cost 10-15% of what an ordinary commercial would (because there were no actors to pay). I think a little humor is welcome in this case. Air New Zealand's naked commercials are a good call, if you ask me.

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