Another Michael Jackson Doctor Wanted By Police

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Los Angele Police Department investigators are seeking to speak with a second doctor in connection with Michael Jackson's death.

TMZ reports that LAPD investigators want to talk to another one of Michael Jackson's doctors as part of their investigation into the singer's death.

Sources report that police are looking to speak with Dr. Tohme Tohme about an "alleged indirect connection" between prescription drugs and Michael Jackson's death.

It was initially speculated that Dr. Tohme was the doctor with Michael Jackson at the time of his death. However, Dr. Thohme told the New York Post that this was not true as he wasn't there.

TMZ reportedly also just spoke with Dr. Thome who says he's Jackson's longtime friend and manager. He told TMZ, "I don't have anything to do with his (Michael's) medication or health. This is B.S. -- why should I talk to police?"

Dr. Tohme is the second Michael Jackson doctor being sought by police investigators for questions regarding the circumstances surrounding Michael Jackson's death. Yesterday it was determine that Dr. Conrad Robert Murray was actually the doctor present with Michael Jackson as the time of his death. Dr. Murray went missing shortly after the incident and law enforcement officials are still trying to find the doctor.

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Los Angeles, California
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