Evangelist Tony Alamo Guilty of Child Sex Crimes

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A federal jury returned a guilty verdict this morning against controversial Evangelist Tony Alamo finding the preacher guilty of numerous child sex crimes including the human trafficking of young girls.

MSNBC reports that Arkansas evangelist, Tony Alamo, was found guilty by a federal Texarkana jury on all 10 counts of the indictment alleging child sex crimes dating back to 1994 including transporting girls as young as 9 years old across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them.

Evangelist Alamo, 74, was prosecuted pursuant to the Mann Act which condemns "immoral behavior" and is most commonly used to prosecute men for having sex with underage girls. It also bans human trafficking such as the transportation of women for having sex with them or committing child sex crimes.

Last September, FBI Agents and Arkansas State Troopers raided Evangelist Alamo's compound in search of evidence of child pornography resulting in Alamo's arrest five days later.

Alamo has denied the charges against him, claiming the entire case was a Vatican-led conspiracy against his ministry. The controversial evangelist has made no secret of his contempt and hatred for the Vatican. Alamo's criminal defense lawyers said their client was targeted because the government is anti-Christian

At trial, the prosecution painted Alamo as a master manipulator controlling and dictating everything including what his followers did, believed and, even, ate.

In the end, the federal jury sided with the government in reaching their guilty verdict on all counts of child sex crimes against Evangelist Alamo. Each child sex crime carries a maximums sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Written by Gabriel Dorman
Los Angeles, California
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