Wife, Mistress Krazy Glue Husband's Genitals in Revenge

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A Wisconsin wife and three of her husband's mistresses kidnapped and Krazy Glued the man's genitals as part of a revenge plot to punish the man for using them for sex and money.

There is a saying that goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" Well, if you are the married Wisconsin man with three mistresses that was kidnapped and had his penis Krazy Glued to his stomach as part of a revenge plot by his wife and the three mistresses, you understand this all to well.

The Associate Press reports that four Wisconsin women, Wendy Sewell, Therese Ziemann, 48, of Menasha, Michelle Belliveau, 43, of Neenah, and the man's wife, who is not being named in order to protect the husband who is being treated as a victim of a sexual assault, were all are charged with false imprisonment, a felony. Ziemann, who is alleged to have actually Krazy Glued the man's penis to his stomach, is also is charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.

It all started when the man had planned a sexual rendezvous with Ziemann last Thursday at the Lakeview Motel about 30 miles southwest of Green Bay. Zieman told investigators that she had met the man on Craigslist, fell in love with him and paid for his motel for the last two months. She also gave the man about $3,000 over the course of the relationship.

When the man showed up at the motel, he agreed to be bound with "sheer sheets" and blindfolded with a pillowcase for a "rub down" by Ziemann. She instead cut off his underwear with a scissors and summoned the wife and other mistresses to the room with a text message.

The four Wisconsin women then set out to humiliate the man. When the other women arrived in the motel room, Ziemann hit the man in the face and Krazy Glued his penis to his stomach. Ziemann then told the man, "Do you know how much I want to shoot you?"

The women eventually left when the man started to scream but not before taking his wallet, car and cell phone.

The man eventually chewed through his bindings, ran outside and called the police.

The wife and three mistresses were all arrested for their participation in the revenge plot and are free after posting $200 cash bails. However, the four Wisconsin women face a potential prison sentence of six years for their Krazy Glue revenge caper.

Written by Gabriel Dorman
Los Angeles, California
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