LA DUI Lawyers' False Promises of Dismissal

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You have just been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles. Naturally, you are concerned. You need help so you decide to meet with an LA DUI lawyer who tells you that your case can be dismissed. Ahh, dismissal, the magic word. Or is it? Was that Los Angeles DUI lawyer being honest with your or just making an empty promise of a dismissal?

As an LA DUI lawyer, it's easy to tell someone arrested for a DUI that you can get their case dismissed. After all, it's only natural for someone charged with a DUI to want to avoid a conviction. They are concerned about going to jail, their job, their driver's license. They want good news. Unfortunately, a dismissal is not a realistic option on all DUI cases. What's even more unfortunate is that many Los Angeles DUI lawyers know this yet still use words like "dismissal" in an effort to get you to hire them.

An experienced LA DUI lawyer should know how to draw out the necessary information from a potential DUI client to thoroughly evaluate their case. To that end, it is the duty of any credible LA DUI lawyer to be able to advise a client as to what they can reasonably expect to happen on their case. This would include breaking down both the best and worst case scenario.

Now while a "dismissal" would always be the best case scenario on any criminal case, not just a DUI, it is not always a realistic option. For example, let's say you have a Los Angeles DUI case in which your blood alcohol concentration is extremely high, above a .20% for example. Then, absent some glaring violation of your rights or technicality, the likelihood of a dismissal of your DUI case is not too realistic. Your case will most likely be one about damage control such as avoiding jail or a license suspension in which case an experienced LA DUI lawyer is still of great value to you.

If an LA DUI lawyer is talking dismissal for a DUI case as described above, they are doing nothing more then praying upon your emotions in hopes of getting your money. It is unfair and misleading and will certainly lead to a confrontation when the client figures out that their Los Angeles DUI lawyer has made nothing more than a false promise.

It's sad but true. Many LA DUI lawyers know you are in a position where you want to hear something extremely positive and they are relying on this to get you to hire them.

So what can you do to protect yourself against the false promises of "dismissal" for LA DUI lawyers more concerned about getting your money then truly helping you? The following is a list of tips that will assist you in making sure you hire the right Los Angeles DUI lawyer:

*Get a referral for an LA DUI lawyer from a trusted source
*Meet with 2 or 3 LA DUI lawyers to
*The Los Angeles DUI lawyer must be experienced in defending DUIs
*The LA DUI lawyer must be familiar with the court your DUI case is in
*Must meet with actual LA DUI Lawyer that will handle your case
*Ask if your case can be "dismissed" and see how they respond
*What do you want. Believe it or not, it matters.
*Did the Los Angeles DUI lawyer effectively answer all your questions
*Go with your instinct

To be in a position of having to hire a lawyer to represent you on your DUI case can be an overwhelming experience. While there may be a lot of LA DUI lawyers willing to promise you a dismissal in order to get you to hire them, there are a lot of qualified ones looking to help and realistically tell you what they can do for you. At the end of the day, all any LA DUI lawyer can promise is that they will work extremely hard to obtain the best possible result.

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