Wisconsin Serial Killer Arrested

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After 21 years of killing, a Wisconsin serial killer has finally been arrested by Milwaukee Police. Linking DNA evidence found on the body of his nine victims, police arrested the Wisconsin serial killer Saturday in the Wisconsin suburb of Franklin.

The arrested Wisconsin serial killer has been identified as 49 year old Walter E. Ellis.

Police believe Walter Ellis has been terrorizing women in Wisconsin from 1986 to 2007. All told, police believe this Wisconsin serial killer is responsible for the death of 9 woman in the state, eight of which investigators believe prostitutes and one that was a runaway who was "involved in the drug trade."

Using advances in science and technology, police investigators from the Milwaukee Police Department's Homicide Task Force Cold Case Unit were able to link DNA evidence found on the bodies of the nine female victims to the Wisconsin serial killer Walter Ellis.

According to Wisconsin Police Chief Edward A. Flynn, "This case was solved with shoe leather and science. Continuing advances in DNA technology have enabled us to link these homicide cases, and it was good work pursuing numerous leads that led to the arrest of the suspect."

In order to arrest the Wisconsin serial killer, police homicide investigators had to sift through more than 700 names contained in the nine homicide files, 15,000 sexual assault investigations spanning 23 years and 6,000 prostitution-related cases. They also searched the state DNA databank of 125,000 people and a national databank of 6 million people.

In order to identify and link the Wisconsin serial killer to the victims, police first had to obtain a DNA sample from Walter Ellis. Police were able to obtain a search warrant for Ellis' DNA and obtained a sample from the Wisconsin serial killer's home on Friday.

Wisconsin serial killer, Walter E. Ellis, was arrested on Saturday and has been charged with two counts of first degree murder. Milwaukee District Attorney expects addition murder charges to be filed against the Wisconsin serial killer.

Fun Fact: Walter E. Ellis is just the latest serial killer to come out of the great state of Wisconsin which has been home to some of the United States' most notorious serial killers including, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein.

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