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Scientology founder: "Christ was an alien mind control implant." Secret cult recording leaked.

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A "classified" Scientology cult recording of founder L. Ron Hubbard from Oct 3, 1968 has been leaked to Wikileaks. Contrary to public Scientology statements about the compatibility of Scientology and Christianity, the recording shows that Scientologists believe that, "There was no Christ" and that the stories of Christ are alien mind implants.

The 48 minute recording, in Hubbard's own distinctive voice, expounds Scientology's alien creation myth, whereby the earth is populated by the evil "Galactic overlord" "Xenu" (or "Xemu") and human beings are parasitized by alien spirits called "body thetans".

Scientology reportedly exposes the alien basis to its beliefs to only 10% of its followers. As recently as 2008 Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis denied the connection on CNN.

The recording plainly shows Hubbard to have a disturbed personality, not only merely by the content of his speech, but by his manner.

Scientology threatened Wikileaks with legal action over its release over similar handwitten notes by Hubbard, citing the material as "unpublished, copyright".

Wikileaks believes the recording, given its clear authenticity, must be seen as the final nail in the coffin of Scientology's long attempts to pass itself off as something other than what it is -- a militaristic alien mind control cult that exploits the innocent with endless scams and manipulations of international corporate, banking and tax law.

To listen to this leaked recording, visit Wikileaks.


Submitted by Terryeo (not verified) on
Oh, isn't this cute? Yet another stolen Scientology Myth! ohhh, the Lulz.

Submitted by roger gonnet (not verified) on
No suprise that Hubbard tried to make believe that religion was an implant, as exposed into his insane bulletin "Heaven": himself was trying to implant his pseudo-religion into the minds of its victims!

Submitted by Anon, Anon, My ... (not verified) on
Stolen Myth seems a bit of an oxymoron doesn't it, Terry? At least in the manner you're using it. If the recording was "stolen" from CoS, how can it be a myth? And, if the recording isn't real, then it wasn't stolen, right? You've painted yourself into a bit of a corner. But, of course, it'll always be claimed that either it was taken out context or that we don't have the proper training necessary to understand what Hubbard means when he says, "Christianity is fake". Maybe we have some MU's, but it seems pretty straightforward...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
if its just a myth then someone forgot to tell Hubbard huh? its his voice after all......

Submitted by bgodley (not verified) on
Hi Terry! How's life inside the greedy deceptive cult treating you? Are you still having fun apologizing for L Ron Hubbard's words? Terry, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, why not join us out here in the real world, it's nice! As a Scientologist, I used to spend a lot of time posting bad information about Scientology beliefs and practices, but as I began to investigate some of the claims made by Scientology versus the data that is freely available and authenticated , it became obvious to me that my efforts where both deceptive and useless. I'm not bitter about all the time I spent in Scientology, but I will admit that I wish I had some of that time back to spend with my family. Take a lesson from me, Terry, get out while you can still enjoy breathing the fresh air under the open sky. Find out the truth about Scientology from it's own offspring: bgodley, with eyes wide open, thanks to Anonymous

Submitted by a_non-moose (not verified) on
What do you mean, Terryeo? How can someone steal something that is free? "The work was free. Keep it so." - L. Ron Hubbard

Submitted by Terryeo (not verified) on
"The work was free". But "free", like the air is free, is only part of what Hubbard said. He meant his written and spoken text, video and recordings were "not owned by other persons or organization", "undebted", "without lien or encumbrance". And he said that (in part) because the First Foundation (of Dianetics) was not free of those things. But ideas are always free, your personal understanding is always free (to you). Whereas, if you want to read another's words, a small cost often applies. You'll find the Basic Books in many public libraries, today. A fair bit of Scientology is available online, too. Of course you'll want a computer set-up where you can look out across a river valley! Lulz

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The cult would be trying to sue wikileaks for slander, not breach of copyright, lol.

Submitted by Manuela23HIGGINS (not verified) on
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