Internet group "Anonymous": Scientologists Complain of Stalking and Harassment

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Despite repeated claims that Anonymous raids are not intended to infringe the rights of Scientologists, I was curious about how Scientologists feel about it, so I asked a few of them for their reactions, and got a very different story.

In a recent "raid", one Scientologist was upset by masked videographers lying down in the street to take pictures her from below as she stood outside her church. “I found it quite frightening and intimidating,” she complained. “I’ve never been subjected to treatment like that. It made me feel unsafe.” Another Scientologist was repeatedly confronted by a masked woman who taunted him with a challenge to join the picket. “If this happened at the temple down the block I’ll bet the ADL would be out in force demanding warrants for their arrest.”

“I respect the rights of people to protest peacefully” said another Scientologist. “But these guys were out there with bullhorns, yelling abuse, interrupting counseling sessions. And when we tried to point it out they just turned up the volume.”

Although most Scientologists surveyed thought the masked protesters were just bored kids with nothing to do, some were concerned when they read about picketers bragging about them getting their “fun” from disrupting Scientology churches. They call it “lulz”. According to the Urban Dictionary, “Lulz is the one good reason to do anything, from trolling to rape. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: ‘I did it for the lulz’.”

“I can’t take these kids seriously,” said one Scientologist about a recent flash raid.” Less than a mile from here there are homeless people who could really use some help, anywhere you look there are folks who can’t kick drug or alcohol dependence, people are really suffering from marriage problems, kids are dropping out of school. In the peaceful protests of the 1960s there was real purpose to the activity and it resulted in so much reform that the odds are that next President of the United States will be a Black man. I’d like to see someone harness the energy of these college students to do some good in the world. I’d like to invite them to help in our community programs, where a Saturday afternoon at one of our tutoring centers can make a real difference in a kid’s life.”


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Please note, the author of this article is a confirmed scientologist. Every word contained within the article has been engineered specifically to manipulate your opinion. This was not journalistic curiosity. This is propaganda.

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While admittedly lulz makes everything worthwhile, we are not protesting Scientology because we think it's fun. We are protesting them because we have legitimate grievance with how the church function, how it treats it's members, and how it deceives the general public about it's true nature The use of Cameras and masks for example, is so we can protect ourselves from the well documented Church of Scientology Fair Game policy. If any of us are identified, we could face harassment, litigation, and threats from the church. Lawsuits according to L. Ron hubbar himself are designed to harass, not to win any form of justice. Additionally, the cameras provide evidence when Scientology calls the police and attempts to fabricate criminal activity. More then once we have used our cameras to show that Scientology has willfully and deliberatly lied to Law Enforcement in an effort to shut down our protests. The aims of Anonymous are well set forth for the general public in our Declaration of War. If you are curious, look it up on Youtube, and go to for more information.

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"Less than a mile from here there are homeless people who could really use some help" seems that the church of scientology might be able to offer some help. what with their obscene bankroll and their "millions" of members, they might be better equipped to cure the world of its ills than a group of "kids" simply doing it for the "lulz". clearly, scientologists don't believe in helping people, just whining about their own trivial problems on PR websites with user-submitted content (of which there is no verification i might add). and to the OSA (office if special affairs, scientology's answer to the CIA) who wrote this bit of drivel, know this: anonymous will free you. scientology will only continue to abuse you.

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The cultists from scientlogy darte to pretend they are harrassed? That's not true. What is criticized is their criminal cult. Or its criminally convicted guru Hubbard (who got 4 years for fraud in France, and three other sentences in USA).

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luana1980, if these allegations of protesting really bother you as a human being, then why on earth do you support the COS which destroys families and kills people for profit? I mean, come on-- you discuss certain COS agents being "disturbed" by the protestors, and those allegations are not even true, yet on the other side you have verified facts showing the COS destroys lives and famililes for profit, as its core directive. Who the heck do you think you are fooling? The internet?

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To believe the words of a COS agent, you would have to believe everyone in the world is lying and only members of the COS are telling the truth. Luna is an agent of OSA, the office of special affairs. It is OSA's jobs to commit crimes in order to destroy all critics of scientology. of course, no true religion has stormtroopers such as this. Her post is an insane attempt of the pot calling the kettle black. If an OSA agent shoots a gun at a citizen, and the citizen somehow dodges the bullet, OSA would call the dodging of the bullet an attack on the COS. IT IS REALLY THAT INSANE. google scientology and see for yourself. This is a criminal organization and must be stopped.

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This fake news written by A Scientology zombie.

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Oh man, the irony. The Scientology crime syndicate's "Fair Game" policy reads like the Gambino Mafia's operating handbook on how to handle cops, lawyers, Judges, and human rights activists. The mass irony of Scientology crime bosses pretending the human rights activists and police officers, lawyers, doctors et al. that expose Scientology crimes and its human rights abuses are some how frightening the crime bosses is absolutely insane. Scientology is organized crime. Period. It drives dome of its customers absolutely bugshit insane, too. Operation Snow White, the cr5ime syndicate's deliberate RICO predicate acts at "ground zero" in the aftermath of the September 11'th terrorist attacks, its "NarCONno" quack medical frauds... It's all testable, verifiable, and freely documented all over the Internet.

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Hi Lou, Louanne, Luanna et al. I'm curious to know why, if this is a bunch of kids out for 'lulz,' why they have sustained protests for months on end, risking arrest, harassment assault, and nuisance lawsuits from your criminal 'church.' Seems there are more fun things to do than spend ten hours roasting in the hot sun pointing out Scientology's human rights abuses.

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the author seems to be confusing "anonymous" with the "Marcabians" (the true enemy of Scilontology) Anonymous is simply trying to point out the fact that the "secrets" of this UFO cult are widely avaiable on the interwebs - FOR FREE!


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