Internet group "Anonymous": Scientologists Complain of Stalking and Harassment

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Despite repeated claims that Anonymous raids are not intended to infringe the rights of Scientologists, I was curious about how Scientologists feel about it, so I asked a few of them for their reactions, and got a very different story.

In a recent "raid", one Scientologist was upset by masked videographers lying down in the street to take pictures her from below as she stood outside her church. “I found it quite frightening and intimidating,” she complained. “I’ve never been subjected to treatment like that. It made me feel unsafe.” Another Scientologist was repeatedly confronted by a masked woman who taunted him with a challenge to join the picket. “If this happened at the temple down the block I’ll bet the ADL would be out in force demanding warrants for their arrest.”

“I respect the rights of people to protest peacefully” said another Scientologist. “But these guys were out there with bullhorns, yelling abuse, interrupting counseling sessions. And when we tried to point it out they just turned up the volume.”

Although most Scientologists surveyed thought the masked protesters were just bored kids with nothing to do, some were concerned when they read about picketers bragging about them getting their “fun” from disrupting Scientology churches. They call it “lulz”. According to the Urban Dictionary, “Lulz is the one good reason to do anything, from trolling to rape. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: ‘I did it for the lulz’.”

“I can’t take these kids seriously,” said one Scientologist about a recent flash raid.” Less than a mile from here there are homeless people who could really use some help, anywhere you look there are folks who can’t kick drug or alcohol dependence, people are really suffering from marriage problems, kids are dropping out of school. In the peaceful protests of the 1960s there was real purpose to the activity and it resulted in so much reform that the odds are that next President of the United States will be a Black man. I’d like to see someone harness the energy of these college students to do some good in the world. I’d like to invite them to help in our community programs, where a Saturday afternoon at one of our tutoring centers can make a real difference in a kid’s life.”


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Unbelieveable. The only true and verifiable information on this whole page is in the comments.

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Really, Luana. Find out what your so called church does to critics. Find out how it uses their pets and kids to intimidate them into silence. You have no right to claim harrassment, Fair Game is alive and well. Anonymous is peaceful and legal. Scientology uses illegal means and hides them in the veil of "religious practice". Lying cult LIES.

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Love to see the cult doing it's usual attempt at black PR. Immediately one should be suspicious any member of a 'church' who will not admit openly they are a member before they start writing an OPINION piece. How many other proud members of a religion would hide the fact? And why? Simply because the article is pure fluff, as many have already pointed out. This cult is insidious and cannot remain to operate as it has in the past.

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It's always hilarious when Scientology front groups such as this website tries to paint Scientology as the victim. You fail.

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Interesting, isn't it, that not one of her sources is identified by name? These protests do have a purpose; to mitigate and expose the actions of a coercive, dangerous cult. Regarding the individual who claims they're uncomfortable, that's nothing compared to what the church does to it's critics; following them, going to their neighborhoods, passing out flyers about them with false allegations, complaining to their employers, killing their pets and so on.

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STUDY your materials Luana. You are wrong targeting. You need to read the "knowledge reports" out in societies COURTS OF LAW. Then, notice how thick the COS ethics file is, and realize that a leadership of your organization WAS known and prosecuted, around the world, for it's HIGH CRIMES.FLUNK Clean up your own leadership first, then complain about us having to put your and your organizations ethics in FOR YOU. There will be Justice. Society has had enough of your organizations' "pin pricks". The GO went to jail and so can OSA. Are you planning to go visit them?


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