Genepax Unveils First Water Car

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A company in Japan called Genepax, has come up with a car that runs entirely on water and air. They have designed a unique WES (water energy system) that breaks water down into it’s elements of hydrogen and oxygen and then uses them. The car costs the equivalent of $18,500 US dollars.

Watch the attached video of Genepax and you can see that this car is indeed powered by water. This really sounds too good to be true. All kinds of water, even tea works.

This eco-friendly car is unveiled in Osaca and may be the long wanted solution to rising gas prices. The energy-generating tank takes hydrogen from the water and sends electrodes to power the engine.

Genepax representative says the main feature of the car is that it will run as long as you have a bottle of water. No external input is needed. The car runs about 50 miles per hour (80 km per hour) and would be great in a city setting.

However, this is just the beginning. I would say the large car companies need to watch this trend and use their market share to become the leaders in this new industry of powering cars with simple water. This is eco-friendly. This is health and this is huge economic benefit.

Earlier there have been many reports about Aptera
that will get up to 300 miles per gallon and is expected to have the first mass production for California residents in September with about $22,000 dollar price tag. This is very nice, but powering Genepax cars with simple water, is truly amazing.

Genepax Co., LTD produces electricity and heat from water. No fossil fuels is used in the process. CO2 Zero Emission. The company aims to save the earth from Global Warming.


Submitted by Eco guy (not verified) on
Where do I sign up - I want one of these babies! Sure it could look a bit better and I need somewhere to fit the dog in but wow, that is fantastic!

Submitted by Ricky Lee (not verified) on
A car that runs on water? Will you guys get real. This story was run in the 1970s. It was wrong then. It is wrong now. Did you do your thermodynamic research? You can't split water into H and O then recombine them, and miraculously extract energy! It doesn't work. "Charlatans" comes to mind.

Submitted by Electrolyzer (not verified) on
Oh Comon, yo can't split water Hydrogen and O2 form? All you have are theories Wake up dude? Haven't you heared of an electrolyzer?... I do make this, you dont and probably you can't, because you dont know anything. because before you start, your brain is already clouded with negative throughts. and a Hydrogen Fuel Cell ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
To break up water into its constituent elements, you have to put ENERGY into it, i.e. ELECTRICITY. When you burn the produced hydrogen, you only get out the amount of energy that you originally put in, probably less. Fuel cells work because someone further up the line already broke up the water and extracted the hydrogen. When you buy one, you're paying for the energy that went into making it (which probably came from the burning of fossil fuels). You're not getting free energy, and you're just paying someone else to pollute the environment for you.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Electrolysis is real. It's an electrochemical reaction. It's very basic chemistry that was discovered in the 1800s. Fuel cells date back to the 1800s as well. Electrolysis requires more energy to split Hydrogen and Oxygen from water than you will get back from a hydrogen fuel cell, or by burning hydrogen. The advantage of fuel cells over pure battery electric cars is that you can refuel a hydrogen fueled car faster than you can charge a battery. You can also store more energy as hydrogen at a lower weight than you can in batteries. Genepax claims to have invented a nameless chemical reaction that splits H2O without electrical input. I can't think of any basic chemical principles that haven't already been discovered. I simply don't see this happening without electrical input. They might actually have a bunch of hydride crystals in that box. They say that their process removes Hydrogen from water in the same way that Hydrogen can be removed from hydrides. I really don't see how. If anyone can explain this, then please do so. I really want this to be real. I'll buy a water powered car tomorrow.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Who are you and what are your credentials to question a car that runs on water. True in 70s there was a similar instance. Then gas prices affected only a fraction of people, now entire economies. I encourage this company and hope they will improve. We are already flying to Mars, so a Water Powered Car should not be a problem.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Unless some other sort of energy (gasoline, diesel, electricity) is fed into the car, the only way I know of that this could work is if they have actually solved cold fusion: in that case, you could extract hydrogen from the water with hydrolysis and then fuse the H molecules for a net energy gain. However, if that happened, it would be on the front page of every news source everywhere, and the idea of running cars from it would be an afterthought. Also, the car would be able to go a lot faster than 50 mph; it could probably fly to mars if you wanted it to. Color me skeptical. I am sort of intrigued that Reuters is running the story, however.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
All of you people who are writing negative articles must be on the OPEC payroll. Get Real... If Hari-Kari is still practiced, there is going to be alot of dead people who work for Genepax. ps; there is world coverage of this news... remember stupid, it's only been 3 days since the first anouncement.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think the question here is not whether we can physically run the car on water or not. The question is, will the governments allow such an invention (if true) to take place. Governments make billions of dollars on Taxes on fuel for all kinds of vehicles. It seems impossible that they would allow humanity's great dependency on petrolium (specifically fuel) to disappear. Another side is, they will make us pay for water as much as we pay for fuel. in that case, we have not solved any issues Remember, technology in this work is nothing but a tool to use for reasoning.

Submitted by mr. wizard (not verified) on
A later article reveals that the Genepax car uses active metal hydrides (sodium, potassium, lithium , etc) as fuel. The water is added and the hydrides release hydrogen. Once the metal is all used up, you get no more hydrogen. Now realize such active metals are created by the use of large amounts of fossil fuel or electricity. The overall carbon footprint of such a car is worse than a gasoline burning car.


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