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NBC Announces "Olympics on the Go"

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This year's Summer Olympics is in Beijing, which is 12 hours ahead of EDT. Yep, that means many events will take place while Americans are sleeping. Of course, this isn't a new problem; it's happened many times before when the Olympics was held in locales with such a time differential.

n Monday NBC announced a workaround for many. No, they're not changint the time of events to suit Americans, but they and Wavexpress announced "Olympics on the Go," a free service that will allow you to select the sports you're interested in. The content is automatically downloaded once the coverage is available. Users can then watch the events without being online.

The bad news for XP users: it's only available on Windows Vista (bleh).

In a press release, Perkins Miller, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, NBC Sports and Olympics, and Michael Sprague, President of Wavexpress announced the initiative.

"This service will provide a fantastic viewing experience for Olympic fans with Windows Vista Media Center," said Sprague. "They can choose their favorite sports, from diving to water polo to gymnastics, and extended coverage is automatically synchronized to their PC in the middle of the night. With a laptop, they will get a high-quality video experience to view on the train, the plane, or in the college quad."

"As we prepare to broadcast the Beijing Olympic Games, we are committed to reaching as many viewers as possible," said Miller. "Our partnership with Wavexpress will enable us to reach viewers seeking high-quality in-depth coverage of the wide range of sports that make up the Olympics. The service will especially appeal to fast-paced fans who want to catch up on their favorite sports offline."

The service will be free. The Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will be run from August 8, 2008, to August 24, 2008, with the opening ceremony beginning on August 8th at 08:08:08 pm CST (12:08:08 UTC).

Source: By Tech Ex

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