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New Book Details Obesity Treatment Strategies

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Informa Healthcare, one of the world’s premier medical scientific publishers, is introducingHandbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications, Third Edition,an in-depth examination of all the clinical aspects relating to obesity and its treatment.

Society’s view of obesity has changed throughout history. In the past, obesity was perceived as a symbol indicative of strength and wealth; nowadays, it is identified as a rising threat to our collective well-being.

In the past, weight gain was traditionally associated with the normal aging process. Nowadays; however - thanks in part to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles - weight gain has become a growing trend among children. Obesity is an issue of particular interest in developed nations where its proliferation has reached almost epidemic proportions.

Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications delves into all the critical aspects of evaluation, prevention, medical management and treatment alternatives - delivering a comprehensive resource that aims to answer all clinical questions related to adult and pediatric obesity.

Edited by Drs. George Bray and Claude Bouchard—leading a team of world-recognized experts—Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications is an academic tour-de-force which features all the latest information in the field.

Pharmacological alternatives are thoroughly explored with individual chapters on sibutramine and orlistat (both FDA approved) and pramlintide (currently approved in Europe). The roles of culture and economic factors, as well as the evolving role of governments, are also amply discussed. With seventeen chapters - out of a total of forty - exclusively focused on the medical management of obesity including, among others, behavioral approaches, diets, exercise, neurohormonal issues, and gene therapy Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Applications is a must-have resource for endocrinologists, cardiologists, internal medicine clinicians, and other professionals working in the field.

This book is available from wholesalers, online retailers, book stores, as well as directly from informa Healthcare through


It is true that obesity today is in such proportion that was unknown to any previous generation. But it is true as well that boldness affect so many people today that were unknown to any previous generation. Then years ago you couldn’t see severe obese person in London, as well as you couldn’t see so many bold people. Present understanding about cause of obesity is same as present understanding about cause of boldness. In case of boldness the science is not existent. In case of obesity the science is wrong. The basic understanding about fat formation is wrong. The obese people (adults and children) are victim of bad science. Luka Tunjic

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