Georgia Sex Offenders Will Not Be Allowed To Volunteer At Church

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Sex offenders are suing in Georgia for the right to help out at church. The Southern Center for Human Rights based in Atlanta filed a lawsuit on Tuesday on behalf of 15,400 sex offenders on Georgia’s state registry.

Georgia has some of the toughest sex offender statutes in the United States. The group is hoping to stop one more measure that is set to be placed on July 1, 2008.

That new provision will make it illegal for those convicted of sexual crimes to volunteer at church. That means they will not be allowed to prepare for events, cook meals at a church kitchen or even sing in adult choirs. If a sex offender breaks the laws they face a prison term of 10 to 30 years. The laws are in place to keep children safe says sponsors of it.

David Ralston, a Republican state representative and one of the measure’s sponsors is quoted at Fox News:

“It’s designed to protect children, to keep people who have a history of pedophilia or sex crimes against children away from children so they’re less likely to repeat. This latest filing is simply another tactic by those people who disagree with the whole purpose of the law and try to chip away at it until it’s abolished.”

Other lawmakers though oppose the bill stating the positive effects of religion.

“Thieves, robbers, murderers — we give them all a second chance,” said Mark Hanson, senior pastor at New Beginnings Tabernacle, a small evangelical ministry in Buchanan, Ga.

“It seems like under the sex offender law you’re banned permanently from society,” he said. “Without forgiveness and mercy, how do we expect anyone to start over?”

The state stresses that the laws on board for those who are sex offenders are necessary to prevent future crimes.

Sex offenders are allowed to attend church in Georgia they just will not allowed to volunteer. The laws are written to prevent volunteering at in any area where children are present.

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As far as I am concerned sex offending is a "one strike and your out" offence - we just got to get tougher on this, there's way way too many sex offenders and its time we all stood up and said enough is enough!!!

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In the previous and in the current laws regarding sexual offenders, there is to have been a screening of the offender and categories for different levels of offenses. Many of the 15,000 plus people are not repeat offenders (less than 3% will re-offend). Tax payers are paying a lot of money to monitor people that are open, honest and willing to not ever re-offend, and to take away being able to be of service to the Lord is not what Jesus would do. As a woman who wrongfully allowed a teen-aged boy to sexually use her - do you think I need more judgment and condemnation? Don't you think that being allowed to be in a church, and be to surrounded by adults with good actions is preferred? Law makers need to follow the law and make assessments of each the persons who committed the crimes and follow the law as to the restrictions placed on the individual, as it is appropriate. Not only do we need to ask: What would Jesus do? but also: WHAT DID JESUS DO? to remind ourselves of forgiveness and mercy for one another.

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A sex offender is a person who has been criminally charged and convicted of, or has pled "guilty" or Nolo contendere to, a sex crime. Crimes requiring mandatory sex offender registration may include child sexual abuse, downloading child pornography, rape, and statutory rape. The term sex offender is a broad term, with sexual predator often being used to describe a more severe physical or repeat sexual offense.

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