Red Wine Slows Aging, But How to Enjoy It?

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One of the latest researches on the benefits of red wine says there is a compound, found in red wines and grapes, called Resveratrol, that helps to slow down the aging, it does not make people live longer, but improves the quality of life. While researches say moderate red wine drinking is good, referring to the French Paradox, matching food with wine is a tricky subject as the choice of what goes with what ultimately comes down to personal preference.

All of us who regularly drink wine with food may have a general idea of what is likely to be successful. Tastes change as do moods and rules are there to be broken.

There are few combinations that do not work. White wine with red meat is not wrong; indeed Champagne, for example, goes pretty well with anything. Likewise red wine and fish is these days seen as quite fashionable.

The stronger the flavours though, the harder it will be to match a wine. Chocolate, for example, is death to most dessert wines.

Fine, complex and old wines are best served with simply prepared food. One’s attention should be on the wine not the food and anything too strong or rich could overwhelm the subtleties in the wine.

Very elaborate dishes are probably best served with younger wines.

The list below is not intended to be prescriptive. While you may not agree with all the suggestions, there is plenty of food for thought here and we hope you find it useful when searching for wines to serve with particular dishes.

For more general guidance on the art of food and wine matching see Serving Food & Wine from the Wine Society, where is story partially was provided from.

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