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More Info On The Infamous iPhone 3G Cracks

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On Monday night, I noticed that I had a small crack in my white iPhone that went from the volume button to the metal bezel. I did a bit of searching online a found a thread in the Apple Support discussion forums and a couple of other places.

I wasn’t the only one with this problem. I posted the story on ehPhone on Tuesday highlighting this problem. It didn’t seem like it was a widespread issue but more and more people began noticing that their iPhones indeed had cracks too.

When I went to the Apple store to have a Genius look at it, they hadn’t heard of or seen the problem before. They wouldn’t replace my iPhone because it was not a ‘known’ problem and it was just cosmetic. The phone was in perfect working condition. The Genius did state that cracks occuring in Macbooks around the palm rest area was a ‘known’ problem and people would have that fixed no problem.

Well, I think it is a pretty well ‘known’ issue now. Yesterday every iPhone site and big sites like Gizmodo and Engadget picked up on the story. This issue of iPhones cracking spread across the blogs and forums like wildfire. Even some news organizations have picked up the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the CBC or some Canadian newspapers picking up the story today. I think Apple has heard about it by now.

It doesn’t appear to be only a white iPhone problem. Some black iPhone 3G owners are noticing that they have cracks in their iPhones too. It doesn’t seem to be as big of a problem with the black ones but a few pictures are popping up here and there. Here’s one example from ad hoc:

Here’s what I think is happening:

The cracks seem be be appearing in places where there is a metal piece which is encased by the ‘plastic’ backing. My crack formed where the volume button is. Some have appeared where there volume on/off switch is. Some have appeared where the sleep/wake button is, and finally some have appeared where the headphone jack is. I think that putting a slightest amount of pressure (ie - to lower or raise the volume, turn your iPhone on or off, or even insert the headphones) causes undue stress to the ‘plastic’ backing. Eventually it is going to give out and crack.

Another theory out there is that the constant heating and cooling of the battery is also putting stress on the ‘plastic’ backing. When you are charging the phone, the battery heats up slightly. When you are talking on the phone or using it a lot, it also seems to heat up slightly. When you turn it off or it is idle, it seems to cool down. All of this heating and cooling is causing the slightest of expansion and contraction of the backing which is causing it to crack.

Another theory out there is that some of us just may have a bad batch. This hasn’t affected every white iPhone owner out there or many black iPhone owners for that matter. It’s possible that this defect could have occured due to a minor error during the manufacturing process that wasn’t caught. When they were making these iPhones, one ingriedient too many or too little could have caused this.

Here’s what I hope Apple will do:

I hope Apple will recognize this problem very soon. I hope they will narrow it down to a specific production week or weeks in which this defect is occuring. I hope that they give full replacements to those affected. I don’t want to see Apple have to do a major recall of everything. That won’t be good for them or for us. I want them to identify who’s affected and fix it. If they can’t give me a brand new iPhone, I want them to replace the backing in a timely manner. We all may have to take our iPhones into the Apple store or send them in for service. If this is the case, I want it back within a week.

Apple’s official statement regarding the cracked iPhones is currently “No Comment” according to iPTiB.

Reported by ePhone: Canada's iPhone Home

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