Space Foundation Gives Nod To Poetry, Awards Vanna Bonta's picture

A poetry magazine launched by Vanna Bonta gets an award from space professionals proving beauty is part of equations and efficiency is pointless without humanity.

(WASHINGTON DC - ANI) The Space Frontier Foundation, an organization of space professionals dedicated to opening space to human settlement, presented their 2008 "Service to the Frontier" award to American author and actress Vanna Bonta for a poetry magazine that celebrates the cosmos.

At an annual black tie banquet, Foundation Chairman Bob Werb announced the person receiving the award had no idea. Bonta was seen on tape of the event seeming very surprised and authentically grateful as she accepted the award, a polished marble obelisk emerging from rough rock engraved with the Foundation's logo and the recipient's name.

Bonta, who has self-effacingly described herself as "the wild daughter of a talented woman," is a multi-talented actress and prize-winning poet. She is the daughter of an Italian fine-arts painter and the grand daughter of Luigi Ugolini, a Florentine writer who is required reading in Italian schools.

After a stint in Hollywood, the Flight author withdrew from easily-won on-camera cameos such as the hero's young mother in the fantasy movie The Beastmaster, instead routinely providing voice talent to blockbuster movies while staying focused on writing.

The Cosmos Review is an archive of quotes about poetry and space, with a library of space-themed poetry. A section features a moving eyewitness poem written by the first independent female space explorer, Anousheh Ansari, entitled "The First Time I Saw Earth From Space."

Bonta writes: "Poetry absolves spirituality from the dividedness of religions and provides us with a sanctuary that excludes no one. It is our heart, our spirit, our soul. Call it whatever, without it, everything else is nothing but hardware."


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