Laurence Fishburne To Join CSI as "Dexter" Type Character?

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I tend to watch the various iterations of "Law and Order" rather than the "CSI" shows. But this proposed cast addition to "CSI" sounds interesting... as Laurence Fishburne is in talks about succeeding William Petersen as the lead actor on 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'.

Laurence Fishburne would replace William Petersen on the show, playing a new scientist/doctor on the show whose profile is just like a serial killer's -- except he has never acted on his homicidal impulses. This would make the character similar, in a sense, to that of the title character in Showtime's hit "Dexter."

Other actors in the running for the role: John Malkovich and Kurt Russell.

I like that plot twist; makes me wish I thought of it.

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Laurence Fishburne's website ( has an update which reads the following:

"Laurence may currently be seen on Broadway in the one-man play Thurgood, opening April 30, 2008. The New York Times recently profiled Mr. Fishburne in the following story.

Onscreen, Laurence may be seen in the feature 21, the fact-based story about MIT Students who took Vegas for millions. Kevin Spacey stars along with Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth in what's sure to be an exciting adaptation of author Ben Mezrich's Bringing Down the House."

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