Geely TX4 taxi to be mass-produced in August

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Shanghai, August 11 ( Geely TX4 taxi will be mass-produced from this month and will go on sale at the end of this year, reported Beijing News. Geely Automobile will also launch a 2.0L model after the previous 2.4L model, according to sources.

Geely TX4 taxi, manufactured by the Geely Automobile’s joint venture Shanghai LTI Automobile Components Co (established by Geely Holding Group and Manganese Bronze Holdings, in which Geely takes up 51% stock, Shanghai Maple accounts for 1%, totally 52% for Geely Holding Group as a controlling shareholder while Manganese Bronze Holdings controls 48% stock), has been put into trial operation during the current Beijing Olympic period, Geely sales sources said.

30 TX4 taxi cabs imported from Britain have been put into use after the engine and transmission change by Shanghai Maple. “The mass-produced TX4 taxi by Shanghai Maple will start from August and are expected to go on sale in this December in China”, a source unveiled.

TX4 taxi models are all equipped with a Mitsubishi 2.4L petrol engine and a five-speed manual transmission, to be priced at about 200,000-250,000 yuan, the source said.

Geely plans to launch another 2.0L TX4 taxi model as taxi drivers have pointed out the poor fuel economy of the high 2.4L model output, according to Geely sales sources.

The news was confirmed by Geely vice president Zhao Fuquan, who further disclosed that TX4 production will be raised to 30,000 units annually, including products for export.

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Geely is waisting its money on building the TX4, becouse Aisian taxi drivers will not be able to to buy them due to the cost. taxi drivers in the west hate them and only drive them becouse untill recently there has been no alternative, but there is now, and they are now changeing over as fast as they can. The TX range is dead at last

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