American consumers, left with the debt and none of the assets

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The New York Post is reporting that a large sovereign wealth fund is angling to buy up US property on the cheap. With a weak dollar and REO piling up, these foreign funds are looking for 50-cents on the dollar discounts in American residential and multi-family property.

Sovereign wealth funds are well-known for their high-profile purchase of American assets like the Chrysler Building in NY, but now they’re expanding to pick-up foreclosed properties at a huge discount.

With large-scale property acquisition Americans will be saddled with the debt of their excess while the property asset resides in the portfolio of a foreign state. We’ve outsourced everything - we might as well start outsourcing our property as well.

From the New York Post:

There’s a new land grab starting in America.

Foreign money, which up to now has focused its attention on investing in iconic commercial real estate - like Barneys New York and the Chrysler Building - is now moving to scoop up tens of thousands of discounted foreclosed homes across the country.

One sovereign fund, said to have earmarked $29 billion to purchase foreclosed residential real estate, recently hired a West Coast mortgage broker and is starting to search for bargains, The Post has learned.

The search, which is being carried out, in part, by Field Check Group mortgage consultant Mark Hanson, who was retained by the broker, Steve Iversen, is concentrating on single- and multi-family REO (real estate owned) homes, or homes that have already been taken over by the mortgagee.

Neither Iversen nor Hanson would disclose the name of the client, but sources told The Post it’s a sovereign fund.


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It is a shame that we have the best technology in history, and the leadership of the country has done worse than when they were using paper ledger books and chalk board graphs.

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