HULIQ Initiates Petition To Let Yang Peiyi To Sing At Olympic Closing

Armen Hareyan's picture is initiating a petition to the organizers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games to let the 7 years old Yang Peiyi to sing in the Olympic Games Closing ceremony.

As you may have already heard, during the grand Olympic Opening Ceremony little Yang Peiyi's voice was used and the girl in the red dress Lin Miaoke was faking. The entire world saw Lin Miaoke, but heard Yang Peiyi's voice because Yang Peiyi apparently has slightly overcrowded teeth and officials decided that her appearance would let China down on such a momentous occasion.

While Lin Miaoke, a very sweet girl, has nothing to do with this, the situation was very unfair and unjust to Peiyi.

One of our commentators suggested to if there is anything we could do to let Yang Peiyi sing in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Just wondering how we could put a little pressure on our Chinese friends to have Yang sing at the close of the Olympics?

It would surely give this beautiful child the chance she deserves for the whole world to see her, as well as the Chinese organisers to save a little "face" and admit that a mistake was made...

Maybe have BOTH girls sing together....

Just a thought!

Therefore, please sign your name and country in the comments area below if you support this petition. Later, we will forward this page to the organizers of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Please spread the word about this petition to let the little girl to have the chance, which was very unjustly taken from her.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
* How about if they do not let Yang Peiyi sing at the closing ceremony we sell another 200 advanced fighter jets to Taiwan? * That tactic certainly worked well getting China to put North Korea in check. *

Submitted by Sing your heart... (not verified) on
I agree that Yang Peiyi be allowed her opportunity to shine at the closing ceremony. Beauty is only skin deep, though I cannot see any thing not cute about a little girl who looks as childlike as Yang Peiyi does. It was shared Yang Peiyi was not upset about the decision even though it was made only 15mins beforehand, I think this girl has shown maturity beyond her 7 years and has taught those supposed wise adults many lessons including compassion and forgiveness, bless her. May all Yang Peiyi has taught mankind be returned in an abundance of blessings. Please Yang Peiyi never let anyone make you believe that you are not beautiful, because the truth is - you are and wow a voice of an angel thank you for sharing your talent. Looking forward to seeing you at the closing Yang Peiyi :)

Submitted by Yuki (not verified) on
China in box! :D

Submitted by Cassie (not verified) on
She's adorable. Whoever said she isn't cute enough is an idiot. And even if she weren't cute at all, she has the right to have her face seen if her voice is going to be heard.

Submitted by Your Name (not verified) on
Carly [USA]

Submitted by Glenis (not verified) on

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
<a href="">Digg The Story Here</a>

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yang Peiyi is beautiful! Please allow this beautiful child with her beautiful voice to shine at the close of the Olympics.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Don't be deceitful. Let the child sing. It is her very special voice and truth is truth.


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