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Scientology Goons in Disgraceful Hollywood Tourist Scandal

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A couple of Scientology "security guards" made fools of themselves on Sunday, in addition to personifying the Scientology cult's bizarre and dangerous attitude toward children.

The "Anonymous" human rights group protested peacefully outside the "L. Ron Hubbard Museum" in Hollywood this past weekend. On Sunday afternoon, some Scottish tourists, a father and his two sons, stopped for a moment to chat with one Anonymous.

As they learned a little about Scientology's human rights abuses and financial crimes, they were surrounded all the while by paranoid Scientology security personnel filming them with both still and video cameras. Scientology makes a habit of endlessly filming its critics, so that it will be better able to track them down in pursuance or the cult's "Fair Game" policy. This policy explicitly states that such "suppressive persons" as critics "may be tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed." Although Scientology insists that this policy is no longer in effect, the many cases of stalking and harassment of critics, continuing to this day, tell a different story.

At one point the eldest son, a young man of about 20, realized that one of the Scientology goons was video-taping straight into the face of his younger brother, a 14-year old boy. The young man immediately asked the Scientologist to delete the footage, on the grounds that his brother is just a child, and should not become a part of some Scientology revenge fantasy. The Scientologist refused to do so, and took the camera inside the building.

The young man and his father tried to reason with a second Scientology goon. The young man was highly articulate.

"There are laws on the books to protect children. And there's a reason why there are those laws to protect children. And it's not for the benefit of the parents or the adult. It's for the CHILD."

This Scientologist, however, insisted that filming a child was no big deal. In keeping with the Scientology credo of "Always attack, never defend," he thought it a good rhetorical strategy to suggest that perhaps the visiting Scots were pedophiles.

"You people are making this thing out of control! It's a minor? It's a minor? What have YOU done with minors?"

The father of the family, a psychiatrist, said "I work with children."

The Scientology goon was then completely stymied and could only sputter, "Well, then, get a life!"

"I have a life, I'm on holiday," returned the father.

After some time, a Scientologist returned outside with the camera. Sensing that the police might soon be summoned, he said that he would delete the footage of the child. It was not clear whether he might already have copied the footage during his 10 minutes indoors, but for what it was worth, he deleted some scenes with the family observing.

To learn more about the Scientology cult, and to learn why the Anonymous human rights group is intent on dismantling this despicable criminal racket, please visit and "Operation Clambake."

Scientology is much, much worse than you think it is.


Submitted by Frank G (not verified) on
If the father was a psichiatrist he definitely needs to "get a life" or better to stop doing what is doing ie drugging kids, giving electric shocks to sick people etc etc etc....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Frank G- Lol, troll. Excellent article. Co$ looks creepier and creepier.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Frank G - Do you believe everything they tell you?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Right, Frank. That's exactly what psychiatry is about (eyeroll). What OT level have you reached?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
and also tell him/her that anonymous will not stop protesting also...hows your mailservers doing...hahahahaha

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Fair point, Frank G. Just noticed after reading this that it was written by a complete nutter, so it's probabely not true either

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Frankie, Frankie, Frankie, you are so brainwashed that it is laughable. If Scientology went down tomorrow you would probably need that psychiatrist, in which you are trained to hate. <b> Do you know why Scientology is against psychology even though it claims to be a new mental science of the mind? Its because L. Ron Hubbard tried to get his Diantics as accepted into the Medical Community. He was laughed out of the building and therefore he sought revenge. He spent his whole life plotting revenge against Psychiatrists, and you are now participating in a DEAD MAN'S VENDETTA, all for nothing. </b> Psychology is not a field where you can drug people at will, you should know that Frankie. Scientology is nothing but a cult of lunatics. Also Frankie, apparently that Applied Scholastics has made your spelling horrible.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This cult is awful. I hope the $cientologists get sued for every penny they have. They target children all the time. No cult should get away with this kind of behaviour.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Security guards are not authorities on psychiatrists, just as you are not, nor is the cult of Scientology. Give it up. Thanks to Anonymous the world knows more and more what utter crap you and your fellow cultists are full of, what hate and venom you spew. What lies you promulgate about your critics, and how it is supposed to be a church but sues and litigates and spies and has a standing order to destroy critics. Frank, you are a tool of a cult. Come up to present time, do a Condition of Doubt, or are you afraid you will really see the truth. The guard was out of line and the bullcrap implication that the people must be pedophiles because they are giving a scientologist guff is typical of the sleazy hatemongering this vile, tawdry cult engages in. Scientology is anti-Freedom, anti-Decency, and at its core, is anti-Life. It is a thought virus and the public must be inoculated against it and its lies and hatred.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Anonymous is a disgrace for any human rights group. Kudos to the Hollywood scientologists for keeping their countenance in view of this bigotry and violation of human rights under the guise of "Anonymous".


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