Southbank Centre Announces Stockhausen Festival

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Southbank Centre has announced today the full line-up of concerts for the major Stockhausen festival as a centrepiece of its 2008/09 classical music season. KLANG: A Tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen will run from 1 to 9 November 2008 and will include UK premieres of several major Stockhausen works and the world premiere of Urantia.

Six of the works to be performed are from the KLANG cycle, a cycle of pieces based on the 24 hours of the day. KLANG was being written right up to the composer’s death in December 2007, by which time he had completed 21 of the 24 hours.

The festival has been curated by Southbank Centre Associate Artist Oliver Knussen. Knussen was in close touch with Stockhausen before he died and it was to him that the composer had entrusted the performance of what turned out to be his last work, Zodiac.

Saturday 1 November, The Front Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7pm
London Sinfonietta
Oliver Knussen conductor
Michaels Gruss (Michael’s Greeting)

Saturday 1 November, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.30pm
Royal College of Music Students
Diego Masson conductor
Suzanne Stephens bass clarinet
Kathinka Pasveer flute
Programme includes Trans for orchestra and tape and Harmonien (Harmonies) from KLANG
(UK Premiere)

Sunday 2 November, Purcell Room, 5pm
Ellen Corver piano
Sepp Grotenhuis piano
Mantra for two pianists and electronics
Sunday 2 November, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.30pm
ASKO Ensemble
Orchester-finalisten (Orchestra Finalists)
Glanz (Brilliance) from KLANG (UK Premiere)

Wednesday 5 November, Purcell Room, 8pm
Stuart Gerber percussion
Himmels-tur (Heaven’s Door) from KLANG (UK Premiere)

Friday 7 November, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.30pm
Marianne Smit & Esther Kooi (harps)
Freude (Joy) from KLANG (UK Premiere)
Cosmic Pulses from KLANG

Saturday 8 November, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 7.30pm
London Sinfonietta
Oliver Knussen conductor
Helena Rasker alto
Drei Lieder (Three Songs) for alto voice and chamber orchestra
Urantia from KLANG (World Premiere)
Zodiac (UK Premiere)

Saturday 8 November, Queen Elizabeth Hall, 10.15pm
Gregory Rose director

Sunday 9 November, Royal Festival Hall, 8pm
Royal Northern College of Music Students
Clark Rundell conductor
Gesang der Junglinge (Song of Youths)
Luzifers Tanz (Lucifer’s Dance) --

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