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The Gutter Twins

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Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli make up The Gutter Twins. Saturnalia, the first album from The Gutter Twins (in March 2008), has seen the near-mythic duo collaborate their strength to create what has announced them as being "two of alt-rock's greatest front-men." Dulli has nicknamed this album: "the Satanic Everly Brothers" indicating it goes into the shadows far deeper than ever before.

Saturnalia has a mystical, unpredictable and ultimately masterful approach that allows it to materialise and at the same time withstands any expectations implied through its obscurity. It lends an undertone of confessional, ambitious themes, The Gutter Twins' debut rises to new, surprising height. The artists themselves believe the album is spiritual but it's also the flesh. In this it suffers and rejoices and it sins and is spiritually surreal.

The Gutter Twins' work is distinctively ominous it searches a mood that lies in the band's inner compilation. Lanegan had become a famous singer in the band the Screaming Trees which was one of 20th century’s most explosive and loud hardcore bands to come from the Pacific Northwest that brought forth the likes of Nirvana and Mudhoney, amongst others. Greg Dulli was a magnetic leader of the band the Afghan Whigs. He was also a shining (black) light from the 1990s rock era.

The Whigs were not only the first non-Northwestern band to sign to Sub Pop Records but they had also proven to be one of the most idol bands of the era (in its list of the top 100 SPIN placed the Whigs' breakthrough album Gentlemen at number 99). The powerful and heavy psychedelic sounds of the Trees and the holy, psychosexual deep and soulful rock sounds of the Whigs has proven to be different yet in a strange way it parallels how both groups mimicked the times, yet went beyond them in their revolt.

With the split of both the Whigs and Screaming Trees at the end of the '90s: Lanegan and Dulli went on to be significantly noticed for their achievement. Saturnalia is wild through Dulli and Lanegan's gruesome expression. There is a fusion of Middle Eastern exoticism with shocking guitar riffs that shoot from AC/DC through to the emotions of Pink Floyd, and a primal essence like that of John Lennon.

The Gutter Twins - Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan will perform in Melbourne this Friday, 24th July 2009
at the Athenaeum Theatre, doors open at 7pm.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
- Oscar Wilde

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