Jets' QB Mark Sanchez Eating Hot Dog During Raiders vs Jets Game

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New York Jets' rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez was caught on video eating a hot dog during the Raiders vs Jets game Sunday. During a fourth quarter TV time out, Sanchez tried to hide the hot dog while he ate it.

The TV cameras caught him though. Which is more than the Raiders defense did during the game.

On the video, you can see Sanchez puts some mustard on the hot dog before eating it. He later apologized during a post-game TV interview and the press conference.

Sanchez says he had not been feeling well before the game and had not eaten very much. He felt "a little queasy" and needed a little something to eat.

The Jets almost had the perfect game against the Raiders. They won 38-0, but loss Leon Washington for the season on this play in the first quarter. Washington underwent surgery for his broken leg.

The video of Mark Sanchez eating hot dog during the game has not drawn as much criticism for him as one might expect. One only wonders if the once Californian Sanchez will order a New York hot dog during their home game against Miami this Sunday.

See the related video here.

Written by Denise Clay
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