New Nikon Digital Cameras In 2010

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Will there be new Nikon cameras in 2010? Yes, just as there will be for all of the other digital camera manufacturers. The real question is what camera bodies will these new Nikon digital cameras be replacing.

As the new year approaches, the predictions have begun of what the new Nikon digital cameras will be for 2010. Both Nikon Rumors and Thom Hogan have released their predictions of what the new Nikon cameras will be and which ones they will replace.

While Nikon has not said what their plans are for 2010 are just yet, both Hogan and the Nikon Rumors blog are predicting a replacement for the Nikon D90 digital camera. The two disagree on both the possible name and the announcement date for the new camera.

Hogan suggest the new digital camera replacing the Nikon D90 could be named the D8000 and that the announcement will be around August 2010. Nikon Rumors think the name will be the D7000 and that we will hear about it in early 2010.

Both Hogan and Nikon Rumors believe that Nikon will replace the D3000 for a D4000 model. Nikon Rumors predicts the announcement for this new digital camera will be in the second half of 2010.

The oldest Nikon digital camera is the D700 and Hogan thinks it is time for Nikon to replace it with an improved model. His prediction is for a digital camera named the D800 to be announced in March 2010 to replace the D700.

New digital cameras to replace the Nikon D90 and the D700 makes sense. These two digital cameras have been around since 2008 and have sold very well for Nikon.

Technology has changed since he D90 and D700 digital cameras have been released. Also, Nikon does need to improve on the video quality in their DSLR cameras. Nikon is way behind their main competitor, Canon in the video technology.

A replacement camera for the Nikon D3000 in 2010? I am not so sure about this one. The D3000 is a fairly new digital camera and I do not see Nikon replacing it so soon; maybe an announcement at the end of 2010 for release in mid-2011.

For 2011, Nikon Rumors and Hogan both predict the D400 digital camera to replace the Nikon D300s. Hogan also predicts that the D4 will be available in 2011.

Nikon just released the Nikon D3s this November. This new digital camera is receiving rave reviews and NASA has ordered eleven of them to use on the space station.

The only real certainty is that Nikon will announce some new digital cameras in 2010. Only Nikon knows what they will be and at this time, they are not saying. All we can do is be good and hope for one of the new Nikon digital cameras to be under our Christmas tree on Christmas morning next year.

Written by Denise Clay, Certified Professional Photographer
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Do you think that once the D90 is replaced its price will drop.

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