Martin Luther King Jr Day Honored By Google

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Today the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Day and Google has joined in on the celebration. With a special logo called a Google doodle, Google is honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

The special Martin Luther King Day Google doodle is a black and white portrayal of Martin Luther King Jr leading a group of black and white men and women on a march to freedom for all. King was a leader in the civil rights movement.

Since 1986, we have honored Martin Luther King Jr with a special day as a federal holiday. It is always celebrated on the third Monday of January. King's actual birth date is January 5th.

Google occasionally honors or celebrates an individual, special event or holiday with a specially designed Google doodle. If you click on the Martin Luther King Jr Google doodle, you will be taken to a search page for Martin Luther King Jr.

This year would have been King's 81st birthday. Today, we and Google honor him with celebration and a special Google doodle. You can learn more here about Martin Luther King Jr and Martin Luther King Day.

Written by Denise Clay
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