FlashForward Premieres Tonight on ABC

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ABC's newest show "FlashForward" premieres tonight and is being called the next "Lost". It is similar to lost in many ways, including the large cast and the fact that there is a major disaster that in some way affects all of the cast members. The cast of "Flash Forward" on ABC even includes two actors who were previously on "Lost", Dominic Monahan (who played Charlie) and Sonya Walger (who played Penny).

In the premiere of FlashForward, entire world blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds. During that time, everyone catches a glimpse of their future, and it doesn't look great. Because they got a glimpse of the future,everyone now has to decide what to do with this information.

Actor Joseph Fiennes is the pivotal character who will try to figure out why the world blacked out. He will also cross paths with all of the characters at some point.

FlashForward is adapted from Robert J. Sawyer's 1999 sci-fi novel of the same name. Sawyer's original story has been simplified, compressing the flash-forwards from 21 years to six months, and widening out the cast-list from a group of particle physicists to encompass a wider variety of jobs.

FlashForward seems to be sci-fi meets mainstream. Perhaps ABC figured it could capture a cult-like sci-fi fan following and mainstream television fans as well.

The first episode is aptly named "No More Good Days". The recap from ABC show that the premiere centers around the date April 29, 2010. A blackout occurs for 2+ minutes and then everyone is back in present day after seeing a glimpse of the future. The problem is, no one knows what caused the blackout. Was it an earthquake? A terrorist attack? Or something else? Whatever it was, it didn’t just happen in Los Angeles. This thing is global. Everyone on the planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. Everyone except one person.

When the FBI looks at the surveillance tapes, they see a stadium at a sporting event. During the blackout, the entire stadium crowd passes out except for one solitary figure. He slowly walks along the concourse before ultimately disappearing into the darkness of the exit.

This type of cliffhanger will be frequent in FlashForward. Perhaps it's being compared to Lost but it seems to hold its own as a show that will intrigue many and have some of them talking around the office water cooler on Friday mornings.

An audience of 12.4 million viewers watched the first episode on Thursday. This might be a good indication that ABC might have itself a great new drama series with Flash Foward.

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