The Top 10 List of Ugly Cars

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There have been some amazing advances in technology in the auto industry. From the ability to have a bluetooth connection or the production of hybrid cars, things have certainly progressed from the old Model T. However, there have been many cars that stand out over the years because they are just plain ugly. Here 10 ugly cars that really take the prize.

AMC Pacer
If you recall the AMC Pacer back in the late 1970's? It was more than just ugly, it was obviously made for those who had peripheral vision issues. It was designed to let everyone see what was going on inside your car.

AMC Gremlin
American Motor Cars knew how to produce cars that had absolutely no appeal. They sold, yes. However, this triangular-shaped car was offered in some hip colors, like orange. This was an ugly car that certainly was embarrassing to show up in on a first date.

In the late 1980's there was the Yugo. It never got rave reviews and it apparently would fall apart if it hit a bump in the road. Wasn't very appealing to look at either. Just plain ugly.

Ford Pinto
With a gas tank in the rear that exploded on impact, this was a winner from the get-go. Although the wood side panel option did jazz it up a bit, this was definitely not a car known for safety.

Pontiac Aztek
Was there anyone who actually bought this car and liked it? Not exactly a well put together car as far as visuals go. Supposedly it was a great car for tailgating but it truly looked like a design engineer had a bit too much to drink the night it was created.

Chevy Vega
Apparently this wasn't just ugly, it rusted instantly. Some suspected that the Vega was rusty before it left the showroom.

VW Thing
This was likely to be the biggest catastrophe on wheels. Similar to a rolling storage shed, VW wasn't quite on the ball when they put this out on the lot.

Honda Element
Honda usually keeps things simple but this was a major error in judgment. It had the look of a bread box on wheels and the interior was just about as exciting as watching paint dry.

AMC Matador
Back to American Motor Cars again. The name "matador" conjures up visions of a strong, beautiful automobile. There are no words even close to that that describes the AMC Matador. It's almost makes the ugly Pacer look do-able.

Dodge Omni
Surprisingly, these are still on the road. Mostly in a lovely shade of light blue. They are almost always clean and void of rust. This is because they are only driven by older women with tightly permed gray hair. Many have faux sherpa or plaid seat covers and a new car scent air freshener inside.

Over the years there have been many cars that make it into the ugly cars category. No doubt there will be more to come as we enter into the age where everything has to look like it will drive us into the future.

Written by Cheryl Phillips
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