Baltimore Marathon 2009 Winners Race to Finish Line

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The Baltimore Marathon 2009 is underway this morning and there will be winners streaming in to the finish line throughout the day. Also known as The Baltimore Running Festival, there are an estimated 20,000 people running through the streets of Baltimore today with crowds cheering them on. Runners from 44 countries and every state will run, including five Olympians.

Results from the 2009 Baltimore Marathon will be easy to access, thanks to the Internet. Race updates will be provided on Twitter throughout the day as The Baltimore Sun newspaper keeps track of results and current happenings at this annual event. Results for individual runners can be accessed on by simply entering the runner's name or bib number.

The Baltimore Marathon is more than just a running event. Thousands of city residents will participate in the festivities and be there to cheer on the winners as they cross the finish line. Celebration Village is set up near the finish line and will feature live music, interactive games, food and drink until 3 PM. The Village is free there will be plenty of activities for children, as well.

Not only is this a day for runners hoping to win The Baltimore Marathon, it is also a great day for the economy in Baltimore. The size of the event means big business for local businesses. Research done by Towson University revealed that each marathoner brings two people with them and spends about $200 by staying in Baltimore hotels and eating in local restaurants.

Baltimore Business Journal's Heather Harlan stated, "Last year, in the throes of a recession, it generated $22 million. So, the hope is that this year it will go up at least another $4 million, so we will see a $25 million or upwards impact for the businesses that desperately need it right now."

As the 2009 Baltimore Marathon runners race to the finish line, it will prove to be a day full of festivities, goodwill and economic stimulation for the Baltimore area. Results will be streaming in as the runners and the crowds enjoy a exciting day in Baltimore.

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