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Twitter, Facebook Added to XBox 360 Dashboard

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Microsoft announced back in August that Twitter and Facebook would be coming to the Xbox 360 dashboard. Microsoft announced that the update will be released in mid November in the UK. A beta for the update will start at some point between the 15th and 31st October in the US. Thus will add functionality for both Twitter and Facebook to the dashboard. Perfect timing for commercials that would air just prior to Black Friday's holiday shopping madness.

Could be that TV trays will be coming back in style because you'll be able to use social media and play games right from your couch. It seems as if everyone is trying to jump aboard the social networking train. Although it is very hip, it could potentially cause an outbreak of couch potatoes like the world has never seen before.

Microsoft said in a recent press release: "With Twitter and Facebook on XBox 360 the largest social networks combine seamlessly with the largest entertainment and gaming network, Xbox Live."

XBox 360 users be able to access the Facebook application to make status updates, view photos and more. However, XBox Live will also incorporate Facebook Connect so that gaming activities can be posted back to Facebook, such as in-game screen shots.

Twitter will integrate easily and it will be even easier to use with the Qwerty keyboard which can be purchased as an accessory.

The Twitter and Facebook applications are on their way to your Xbox 360 just in time for the holidays and a winter on the couch communicating with all of your social media friends.

See video about the new Facebook/Twitter applications for Xbox 360 here.

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