KFC Offers Free Chicken Without Raincheck Problems

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KFC has yet another free offer to promote its grilled chicken starting Monday, October 26. This time KFC promises that it won't be a disaster like the previous offer last May on Oprah's Web site overwhelmed the chain, with some stores running out of the meals. The freebie is set for Monday, when more than 5,000 KFCs will give every U.S. customer a free piece of grilled chicken.

When Oprah promoted the KFC free grilled chicken offer in May, directing people to a Web site to get a free coupon, the response was incredible. So much so that the website experienced overload and many KFC locations ran out of grilled chicken. Some who got the coupon couldn't get any chicken due to the overwhelming response. Given the fact that Oprah promoted the giveaway, KFC should have expected the big turn out.

This is the third chicken giveaway for KFC. They started in April, then had the Oprah-endorsed free chicken coupon in May. The latest free chicken offer, Monday October 26, should run smoothly according to reports from KFC.

The newest offer is identical to KFC's first grilled chicken giveaway — a one-day-only offer in April when KFC successfully handed out more than 4 million pieces to launch the product. KFC executives are hoping that the grilled chicken giveaway will build stronger U.S. sales by winning over health-conscious consumers turned off by the chain's fried offerings.

Larry Miller, a restaurant analyst with RBC Capital Markets, said the sales mix for grilled chicken was high for a new product but KFC's last-quarter performance was disappointing. He said grilled chicken "needs to drive the overall business, otherwise they're not going to be any better off."

"I think people still think it's fried chicken first and not grilled chicken," he said.

At this time,there appears to be no coupon needed to get the KFC grilled chicken free. Just in the door of your local KFC on October 26 and get your piece of free grilled chicken. As long as they don't run out of chicken, KFC should have a good turn out because in this economy, free is a big thing.

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