Online Black Friday Deals Begin: Walmart, Target, Best Buy

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Black Friday deals are about to start online. Shoppers who choose not to battle the crowds can set their alarms and head to their computers to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. The big sales will be starting late tonight and early Friday morning. Walmart will be putting most of their Black Friday products online at 3:00am Eastern time.

Retailers such as Kohl's, Dell Home, Office Depot, and Kmart will put their Black Friday deals online over the course of the next 12 hours.

Retailers that currently have their Black Friday products online include Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, OfficeMax, Sam's Club, Sears, Radio Shack, Old Navy, Sports Authority and JCPenney.

Online retailers, such as,,, and are also having some fantastic online Black Friday sales which you can take advantage of right now. Essentially, it's Black Thursday Eve and retailers are trying to get the biggest number of shoppers they can and are breaking out the deals early.

Here is a list of the major retailers that are putting their Black Friday 2009 deals online:

Walmart Black Friday sale begins 3:00am EST (12:00am PST) Black Friday sale begins 10:00pm EST tonight (7:00pm PST)

Kohl's Black Friday sale begins 1:00am EST (10:00pm PST)

Dell Home Black Friday sale begins 1:00am EST (10:00pm PST)

Office Depot Black Friday sale (begins 6:00am EST (3:00am PST)

Go to the Kmart Black Friday sale (begins 7:00am EST (4:00am PST)

Avoid the traditionally long Black Friday lines at the stores and find the deals online. Quantities are limited and you might not get the item you're hoping for but at least you won't be standing outside at 3am.

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