Scott Brown Cosmo Centerfold: Baring it all for the Mass Senate Seat

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Scott Brown was trailing in the polls for the Mass Senate seat up until a few weeks ago. His popularity has risen and if he wins, it will be heralded as a huge upset for the Democrats who rule the political roost in Massachusetts. Brown was little known before he started kicking up his campaign efforts, but some may remember him from his centerfold spread -- in the nude -- in a 1982 issue of Cosmo magazine.

Dubbed "America's Sexiest Man" back in 1982 when he was a college student, some women are raving about this long lost issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Will this nude centerfold pictures of Scott Brown increase his chances for winning the Mass Senate seat against his opponent, Martha Coakley?

It certainly isn't hurting his chances and hasn't backfired on him yet. In fact, there has been an outpouring of support for Brown over his Cosmo spread from women across the country who feel that people are "uptight" if they don't care for the nude shot of Brown.

However, there's another side to this. How would people feel if a centerfold shot of a nude Martha Coakley in her younger years was passed around? Would this throw her further down the polls? Perhaps it would be a reason for a stunning upset (that may happen anyway) because people felt uncomfortable that a woman in a high-ranking position posed nude in a magazine. A career disaster in some people's opinion.

But not Scott Brown. He's heralded as the "JFK Republican" who is fairly conservative on the topics such as the economy and national security national but relatively liberal on social issues. Obviously he's quite liberal when it comes to the amount of clothing he wears in some pictures. He's also going to "kill the health bill" if he wins, according to Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank.

The photo of Brown is not in Playgirl but it's no less revealing than any photo spread that would appear in that magazine. Cosmo just did a little "covering up" to make it a bit safer, but there's really nothing left to the imagination. So, is it a big issue and major influencer in his ability to win the Mass Senate seat in the general election on January 19? Probably not.

According to a poll done by Suffolk University in Boston:

Among men, Brown led Coakley 55 percent to 41 percent but trailed among women 50 percent to 45 percent.

Seventy-eight percent of registered Democrats preferred Coakley, while 91 percent of registered Republicans and 65 percent of independents favored Brown.

Brown led in most areas of the state, except Suffolk County, where Coakley crushed Brown 69 percent to 31 percent.

Brown (57 percent favorable to 19 percent unfavorable) was viewed more positively than Coakley (49 percent favorable to 41 percent unfavorable).

The poll was released on January 14. The chatter about the nude picture of Scott Brown started after the poll was released. Perhaps those poll numbers need to be re-calculated. There may be some who will change their mind after seeing the picture but chances are decent that no one really cares.

Would they change their mind if this was a picture of a woman? It would be interesting to see if a double standard exists. Maybe the Brown campaign is digging through magazines to see if Coakley ever posed as "America's Sexiest Woman."

Written by Cheryl Phillips

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