Apple Tablet may be unveiled at January 27 media event

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Apple isn't making mention of the much rumored tablet, but they recently sent out an email invitation to reporters that states, "Come see our latest creation" at their January 27 media event in San Francisco. Said to be a large version of the iPhone, the Apple Tablet is rumored to have roughly a 10" touch screen.

Do consumers need another gadget? Apple will likely make sure that people want one to be in the "in crowd" but the tablet is going to be pricey.

The Apple tablet may be upwards to $1000 and may be out as soon as March or April. This will supposedly be the gadget that is more than a smartphone but less than a laptop in terms of what it can do. Users to stream video, surf the Web and play games while on the go. Wasn't that why people bought iPhones?

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had plenty of non-Apple tablets on display -- some were prototypes. Hewlett-Packard and Dell were two companies that were grabbing some attention with their tablet computers.

The Apple tablet will apparently have have e-book functionality and focus on the device’s long battery life and quick Internet connectivity.

After the January 27 media event, the tech crowd should know whether or not the Apple Tablet is a going to be a best seller or not.

Written by Cheryl Phillips

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