California Tornado Warning: another day of wild weather

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California has been in the midst of wild weather with tornadoes, up to 20" of rain and in the Mammoth Mountain ski area up to 10 feet of snow. There was no break in the weather pattern on Wednesday with tornado warnings in the areas of Santa Cruz and San Jose, as well as the entire Bay Area.

Winds were as high as 85 miles an hour today in Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties, which prompted the National Weather Service to issue tornado warnings.

This is day two of tornado warnings in California -- Southern California's Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Huntington Beach and San Pedro were all under warning Tuesday with high winds and rain. A rare tornado officially touched down today in California, just outside Los Angeles.

National Weather Service forecaster Dave Reynolds told that this wild weather in California is " a pattern reminiscent of a moderate to strong El Niño, and it's not going to go away ... the last time we had this kind of El Niño was in 1997-98."

The weather for the weekend ahead may give California residents a bit of a rest from the rain, wind, power outages and tornado warnings. However, residents should take advantage of any good weather breaks they can get. Next week it looks as if the wild, wet weather will return.

Written by Cheryl Phillips

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