American Idol drops Michael Lynche for breach of contract

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American Idol Season 9 is just getting underway for viewers but leaking information about finalists or winners is a breach of contract for Idol contestants. That goes for their families as well. Michael Lynche has been given the boot by Idol because his father couldn't hold his excitement back. Apparently the elder Lynche told a local Florida paper that his son was a finalist in the show and that's against the rules.

Michael Lynche, also known as Big Mike, was forced to leave Idol after his father told The St. Petersburg Times that his son made the top 24 finalists on American Idol Season 9.

The St. Petersburg Times ran an article on January 20th about Michael Lynche getting into the finals of American Idol. The article states:

"Michael Lynche's father Marque Sr., now living in Sarasota, confirmed that his son made the Top 24 semifinalists. Fox does not comment on results until the episodes air; the Hollywood Round auditions are scheduled to air in February."

Contestants and their families are under contract to keep their lips sealed until the results are aired on television. It looks like Michael Lynche's dad cost him a chance at the American Idol title by releasing information while under contract.

FOX has not made a comment to the press about the situation but it has been reported that Lynche has been replaced.

See Michael Lynche's audition tape here.

Written by Cheryl Phillips

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