GM first to make electric motors for cars in U.S.

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General Motors announced Tuesday that it will become the nations first manufacturer of electric motors for cars in the United States. The electric motors will be designed and produced by GM and will be incorporated into rear-wheel-drive full-hybrid vehicles such as the Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid SUV beginning in 2013.

Electric vehicles are powered solely by electric motors, while hybrid vehicles also use an internal combustion engine for propulsion. GM’s next-generation rear-wheel-drive Two-mode Hybrid system will use two unique motor designs and an internal combustion engine to provide improved fuel efficiency.

GM was selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for a $105-million grant to construct facilities that will produce electric motors and related electric drive components.

According to Tom Stephens, GM's vice president for global vehicle operations, the new electric motors will be smaller, more powerful and more energy efficient. Their smaller size will allow them to be used in a broader variety of vehicles than those used today in GM's hybrid SUVs.

Look for the first GM-designed and built electric motors in 2013.

Written by Cheryl Phillips

source: GM Media

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