Zhu Zhu Hamster Pets Make Toys "R" Us Top Toys List for 2009

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Zhu Zhu Hamsters, Zu Zu or Zoo Zoo Pets are HOT, HOT, HOT toys right now. Walmart and Target are out of stock, Amazon is priced too high. So, with the holidays coming, where do you find Zhu Zhu Pets?

With cute and cuddly names like Pipsqueek, Num Nums, Mr, Squiggles and Chunk, what kid wouldn't want these adorable little critters?

Zhu Zhu Pets are just like having real hamsters to care for, except they don't eat, poop, smell, make a mess or die. If the batteries die, just buy more!

Zhu Zhu Hamsters have two modes. A Loving Mode: Pet them, love them, hear them purr and chatter. And an Explore Mode: Let them scoot and scamper
across the floor.

Some desperate parents are driving around from store to store hunting their fake hamsters down in hopes of saving a bundle of money.

Walmart claims to have Zhu Zhu Pets in the store for $8.00 a piece, but when you go to their website, the Zhu Zhu Hamsters are out of stock.

When I checked out Target.com, I found the same the dreaded words - out-of-stock. Target is selling them cheap too, but if you can't get them, what's the point?

Zhu Zhu Pets are the #1 Toys "R" Us toy this holiday season. But, they're pre-order only with an estimated ship date of 12/11/2009! Toys "R" Us price? $34.99. But who wants to take a chance that the much anticipated Zhu Zhu Pets will come in time for the holidays? Who wants to risk telling their kids Santa ran out of Zhu Zhu Hamsters on Christmas morning?

As with any popular toy, the manufacturers - in this case, Cepia - have seen fit to supply (tempt) our kids with all the accessories Zhu Zhu Pets have to offer. Your kids will want their cute and cuddly life-like Zhu Zhu hamsters to have the best bling. Some of the accessories include; Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Blanket and Bed, Zhu Zhu Pets Garage, Hamster Wheel, Surfboard and Sleep Dome, Ramp and Slide, Hamster Ball, Skateboard & U-Turn, and plenty more if your checkbook can handle it.

Some of these accessories cost way more than the Zhu Zhu Hamsters themselves! Consider getting your kids a Zhu Zhu Pets 2-Pack. It includes two, that's (2) Zhu Zhu Hamsters - Mr Squiggles and Chunk for $72.79 (Amazon price). Or, you can get them the whole shebang - the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster House Starter Set - for a hefty $189.95!

Currently, Zhu Zhu Pets are #3 on the Amazon.com hottest toy list. Amazon has a money saving package deal, if you buy these Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster sets together: Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster House Starter Set, Zhu Zhu Pets Add On Hamster Wheel, and the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Funhouse, all for a whopping $262.73. And if you think you're done with your Zhu Zhu Pets shopping, think again. That $262.73 doesn't even buy
you the beloved little hamsters! They're sold separately!

You think I'm kidding? Zhu Zhu Pets are the hottest toy this year, and you better get them now before they're gobbled up by parents and grandparents that want the newest toy on the market for their darling kiddos!

Remember the hot toys and fads of the past. Who can forget the Cabbage Patch Doll, Tickle Me Elmo and Furbies? Better get in line behind me though. I'll be the one with the cart full of Zhu Zhu Pets and a $1000.00 of accessories!

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