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Zombieland Box Office Hit is Twitter's Hot Trending Topic

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Woody Harrelson's new movie, Zombieland, is trending as a hot Twitter topic. Moviegoers are either into Twinkies, Zombies or Harrelson himself. "An American post-apocalyptic horror comedy movie, Zombieland opened in theaters October 2nd," says Twitter.

Zombieland has already sold more tickets than experts thought it would. The Los Angeles Times reports, "'Zombieland' heading for first place on crowded box office weekend." Entertainment Weekly expects Zombieland to gross $30 million dollars this weekend.

After reporting on the newest cult movie of the year, "Zombieland: Woody Harrelson Obsessed with Twinkies and Zombies", the trend took off on Twitter with huge numbers.

Watch for yourself. Search for Zombieland on Twitter and watch the buzz. After sitting here for 15 minutes, I saw Twitter's page explode with Zombieland Tweets. Although some of these Zombieland Tweets are obviously spammers looking for a little action, for the most part it's excited movie goers looking for zombies and Twinkies!

Within 20 minutes there were over 3000 Zombieland Tweets. The Zombieland topic is trending so fast, it's going ballistic. It's like watching a slot machine in real time!

Some Noteable Zombieland Tweets:
"I really wanna see zombieland!"
"Zombieland tonight!"
"Seeing Zombieland tonight with friends. Stoked!"
"Zombieland" looks to kill at the box office!"
"Seeing Zombieland! :D In one of the biggest theaters I have ever seen!"
"Bill Murray as himself in Zombieland, priceless!!!"
"Zombieland sounds like an amusement park filled with zombies."

With all this hype, I better buy myself a bag of popcorn. I might be going to the theater to see a movie this weekend!

Photo Credit: Glen Wilson

Written by Donna Diegel
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