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Top Chef Season 6, Episode 9: Restaurant Wars Heats Up

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Restaurant Wars is Top Chef's challenge for episode 9, with Rick Moonan as guest judge. Laurine goes home after Tom and Padma decide she's not restaurant material. The Quickfire and Elimination challenges are heated, entertaining and delicious all at the same time.

Laurine (38) is the chef and owner of Left Coast Catering in San Francisco, California. She's the unlucky chef that has to pack her knives and go home. Everyone expects it to be Robin, but she continues to hold on and gets spared another week.

Guest Judge Rick Moonan
According to the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay's website, "An advocate for sustainable fishing and seafood, Chef Rick Moonen’s passion for conservation has led him to national acclaim. His current passion has been the writing of his first cookbook, Fish Without a Doubt, a practical, hands-on guide to buying, preparing and cooking a wide array of fish."

Quickfire Challenge
Chef Moonan, along with Top Chef regulars, Tom and Padma, are the judges for episode 9. The cheftestants draw knives but most are blank. Michael and Jen draw the winning knives and get to pick their own teams. Jen leads the blue team with Laurine, Michael and Kevin. Bryan and Michael Voltaggio, Eli and Robin are on the red team. They're all blindfolded. Jen's blue team wins the Quickfire Challenge.

Elimination Challenge
Restaurant Wars puts the two teams smack dab in the middle of "playing" restaurant. Kind of like Facebook's Mafia Wars without the mafia. This challenge is a little easier on the chefs as they don't have to actually decorate the restaurant. They do however have to take care of everything else, including the food. A surprise was cooking in Rick Moonan's slick Mandalay Bay kitchens.

Michael's red team calls their restaurant Revolt! Jen's blue team calls their restaurant Mission. The red team wants to do dessert. The blue team says no dessert. Michael and Bryan continue their sibling rivalry, which by now is getting a bit old. They give Robin a hard time like usual, and she gets all emotional.

Judge's Decision
In the end, the judges, Tom, Padma and Rick, decide that they liked Michael's Revolt! chicken dish, Bryan's meal was ok, Eli's fish was so-so, Michael's fish was delicious, and surprisingly, Robin's dessert was awesome. Good for the red team!

The blue team has Padma not quite liking Michael's Mission food. Jen's fish dishes were fishy, Kevin didn't cook the lamb long enough, and Laurine was in la-la land when it came to front-of-the-house service.

The red team (Michael, Bryan, Eli and Robin) wins Restaurant Wars. The blue team (Jen, Kevin, Michael and Laurine) slinks off to lick their wounds. Michael V wins $10,000 and an autographed book, and wants to share his winnings.

Laurine packs her knives and goes home, leaving Robin, who everyone knows should go home but doesn't.

The competition is heating up, and the cheftestants are going down one by one. There's only seven left, leaving an uneven number vying for the coveted Top Chef position.

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Written by Donna Diegel
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