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Boston Market $1 Coupon Meal Update: Running Low on Chicken

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As reported in an earlier article, Cheap $1 Boston Market Printable Coupon is Going Viral, the inevitable happened. Due to the overwhelming response – thousands upon thousands of coupons being printed and redeemed – Boston Market is indeed experiencing a shortage of chicken menu items, and has removed the highly sought after $1 Coupon Meal Deal from their website.

$1 Chicken Meal is a Huge Success
The power of viral marketing has been realized, Boston Market's $1 Real Chicken Meal Deal coupon has been pulled from their website. In its place is an announcement explaining their position, with three additional coupon offers to make up for it.

Boston Market reports, "Because there has been an overwhelming response to our $1 Real Chicken Meal offer, we are experiencing shortages of our chicken menu items in many of our stores. As a result, we are no longer offering this coupon on our site. We are still honoring the coupons you have printed, however, and ask for your patience as we do so. We appreciate your interest in Boston Market."

The Power of Viral Marketing
Anyone still doubting the power social media wields, will quickly realize the phenomenon of viral marketing first hand in the case of the Boston Market $1 Coupon Deal. Quoting from a previous article, Cheap $1 Boston Market Printable Coupon is Going Viral, "As evidenced by Google Trends and various online trending media sites, the Boston Market $1 chicken meal deal has been a huge success. With literally hundreds of thousands – if not more – $1 Boston Market meal coupons being redeemed around the country, their poultry suppliers will have to ship more product, and soon." This statement was made before Boston Market pulled the $1 coupon from their website, thus confirming the power of viral marketing.

Viral Advertising and Boston Market
Because of Boston Market's $1 successful coupon campaign, the promotion reached viral proportions – one user "infecting" another user with the coupon idea – in a short amount of time, thus overwhelming Boston Market with more demand than they had supply for. Coupon users quickly became "infected" and shared the Boston Market link with others via social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Live Journal and news networks, during which time the news grew exponentially overnight.

Boston Market Coupon Offers
Don't despair. Boston Market is still offering great coupons. $1 Off Any Individual Meal; $2 Off Any $10 Purchase; $4 Off Any $20 Purchase. Offers expire November 30th, 2009. As noted above, Boston market will continue to accept any $1 Real Chicken Meal coupons that have already been printed, provided they still have chicken available.

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Written by Donna Diegel
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