Hottest Christmas Toys for 2009: Zhu Zhu Pets and Nintendo DSi

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Looking for the Best Selling Toys this year? Get ready for Black Friday 2009. Zhu Zhu Pets and Nintendo DSi, Legos and Maxus Dragonoid, Mindflex and Dora Links Doll, Transformers Devastator and G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, are just some of the toys kids will be looking for under the Christmas tree this year. The question is, can you find them in time, and without paying a fortune?

Anyone that's old enough to remember the rush on Cabbage Patch Dolls, Furbies and more recently, Tickle Me Elmo, will know that it's not wise to wait until the last minute to go Christmas shopping. That's why retailers invented Black Friday. Some of the most popular toys of 2009 are selling out early, or they're running low on stock.

Hottest Christmas Toys for Girls for 2009
Little and not-so-little girls used to wish for a Barbie Doll under the tree. While Barbie Dolls are still popular, the Barbie under the tree may just be this year's newest model – the Bella (Kristen Stewart) Twilight Barbie Doll, a Hannah Montana Doll, or a Britney Spears action figure.

Hottest Toys for Boys for Christmas 2009
Boys used to ask Santa for Tonka Trucks or G.I. Joe Dolls years ago. Although trucks and G.I. Joe have never really gone out of style, the hottest 2009 toys for boys may still be the truck and doll in the form of Transformers Devastator, and G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra action figure.

Best Selling Christmas Toys for 2009
According to Best Toys, the number one, hottest toy on the market for 2009, is also the most difficult to get. The Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters are virtually nonexistent. Meaning, you can't find them anywhere, and if you are lucky enough to find any, grab them all. You'll have no trouble selling them at a profit the very next day. The prices below are quoted from, and are subject to change at any time.

Zhu Zhu Pets – $8.99 - $50.00 – With cute and cuddly names like Pipsqueek, Num Nums, Mr, Squiggles and Chunk, what kid wouldn't want these adorable little critters? Zhu Zhu Pets are just like having real hamsters to care for, except they don't eat, poop, smell, make a mess or die. If the batteries die, just buy more!Zhu Zhu Hamsters have two modes. A Loving Mode: Pet them, love them, hear them purr and chatter. And an Explore Mode: Let them scoot and scamper across the floor.

Mindflex – $154.00 – According to Amazon, the MindFlex is "A headset that reads your brain waves and a levitating foam ball is the kind of game that must be seen to be believed. Recommended for players aged eight and older, the game begins when you strap on the headset so you can use your powers of concentration to move the ball around the game console and through a mind-bending obstacle course. A dial-in console lets you to keep the ball lifted on a cushion of air, but raising and lowering the ball must be accomplished by alternating concentrating and relaxing your mind."

Twilight Barbie Dolls – $24.97 to $49.94 – Twilight's Kristen Stewart Barbie Doll and Robert Pattinson Ken Doll hit the store shelves just as the "New Moon" movie is set to release in theaters on November 20th. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen Barbie Dolls will be one of the hottest toys for 2009.

Bakugan 7-in-1 Maxus Dragonoid – $39.99 – Similar to the Transformer, 7 different Bakugan can be attached together in order to form the Maxus Dragonoid.

Dora Links Doll – $49.97 – Plug the Dora Links doll into the computer via USB, and girls will have access to her online world. Girls can help Dora and her friends solve the mysteries through engaging game play that affects change in Dora’s world. The Dora Links doll offers interactivity that allows girls to customize the doll and watch as she transforms before their eyes.

Nintendo DSi – $169.99 – This is one toy your kids will never get tired of. Plenty of games to choose from too. Littlest Pet Shop and Super Mario Brothers are two of this year's favorites.

More Hot Toys for 2009

  • Crayola Crayon Town – $19.99
  • Transformers Devastator – $89.99
  • Battle Strikers – $48.99
  • NERF CS-35 – $38.50
  • Printies – $31.00
  • Bananagrams – $14.25 to $45.83
  • Gazillion Bubble BBQ – $8.50 to $18.77
  • Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck – $49.00
  • The Settlers of Catan – $15.99 to $132.45
  • Moon In My Room – $15.73 to $37.99
  • LEGO Star Wars – $12.99 to $118.00
  • G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra Action Figures – $11.75 to $95.00

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