How to Deep Fry a Turkey for the Holidays

Alton Brown's Deep Fried Turkey video explains what equipment is needed to deep fry a turkey, the dangers of deep frying a turkey in oil, and a moist and tender, crispy deep fried turkey. Follow the Food Network star's instructions, and you'll enjoy the best Thanksgiving turkey ever.

This video series is in three parts. Make sure to watch the whole Alton Brown series by clicking on Part II, and Part III with the links provided here. The entire Deep Fry Turkey video series is approximately 20 minutes long when viewed in three parts. Enjoy!

Part II Alton Brown's Video
Part III Alton Brown's Video

Disclaimer: Nervous about deep frying a brined turkey? Don't be. If you follow the guidelines, a deep fried brined turkey is perfectly safe. Just to be sure, we called the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (1-800-288-8372) and talked to a trained Butterball expert. They assured us as long as you follow the instructions — Don't deep fry any turkey larger than 12-14 pounds; Make sure the turkey is completely patted dry before lowering into the oil — it should be fine. Also, be sure to watch ALL three Alton Brown's Brining and Deep Frying Videos for complete How-To instructions.

Important Numbers, Articles and Recipes
* Butterball Article and Hotline
* Brining a Turkey Like Alton Brown, Emeril and Cooking Light
* How To Deep Fry a Turkey: Popular Thanksgiving Recipe

Written by Donna Diegel

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