The eight top fat burning lipid melting foods

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This list of relatively inexpensive, easy to keep on hand foods will get you started on melting those lipid (fat) cells, prevent insulin spikes, and get you on your way to slim – just in time for the food bingeing holidays.

Almonds - You need to eat only 12 almonds a day to rev up your metabolizing of fat in your body because almonds are high in alpha-linolenic acid. According to a study in the International Journal of Obesity, dieters who ate just 3 ounces of almonds per day reduced their body mass index an average of 18%, compared to non-nut eating dieters who reduced their BMIs only 11%.

Berries - Not only are berries loaded with Vitamin C, but they also help you burn up to 30% more fat when you exercise. So, if you’re heading for the gym, eat a cup of berries before you go to make that workout do 30% more work for you.

Cinnamon - Do you like cereal, French toast, or pancakes for breakfast? If you sprinkle just ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon on your food, it could prevent an insulin spike that is so common after we eat. Insulin spikes are a body’s signal to store fat, rather than burn it. Cinnamon is good on ice cream too – for those late night snackers – and could help you burn that fat as your sleep, rather than store it.

Mustard - The turmeric in mustard is what makes it yellow, and what makes mustard slow the growth of fat tissues, according to a study in the journal Endocrinology notes. Tumeric, in case you’re not familiar with this seasoning, is spicy, and also tastes great on chicken and vegetables.

Oranges - Oranges and other citrus fruits are in season now – so stock up. Oranges contain flavones compounds which burn fat. Women who ate the most flavones had a significantly lower increase in their body fat over a 14 year period, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It’s best to snack on fresh fruit slices, but if you prefer orange juice, you should stick to the juice with pulp for the best results.

Soybeans - Soybeans are sometimes better known as edamame. These are sweet little green beans that not only block fat absorption; they also break down fatty deposits already on your body. Edamame taste great slightly roasted with a light sprinkling of sea salt, or just thrown raw into a salad. You might have to go to a health food or whole food store to find them fresh, but most grocery stores are now carrying them frozen.

Sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoes are much higher in fiber than regular potatoes, and with the sweet flavor require no butter to taste great. The high fiber content prevents those insulin spikes, like cinnamon, so spare the butter, and eat sweet potatoes instead. Keep your portion size to a small sweet potato (about the size of 2 bars of soap.

Swiss Cheese - Surprised? Calcium rich foods reduce the fat producing enzymes and increase fat breakdown. Swiss cheese, compared to most other cheeses, has more calcium which is why it is included on this list. Did you notice I didn’t even say low fat swiss cheese?

Can you imagine how thin you might get if you managed to eat all these foods in one day?

Let’s see how to accomplish that:

Pancakes with berries and cinnamon on top and sliced oranges on the side

A sandwich with whole grain or wheat bread, 1 slice of swiss cheese, your favorite meat, and slathered with mustard. Of course, feel free to add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, but try to skip the mayo.

Your favorite protein with a sweet potato and a salad with sliced almonds and edamame thrown in for flavor and crunch.

A small portion of yogurt, frozen yogurt, or even ice cream should be ok. They are all rich in calcium, and you've been burning fat all day anyway.

Mmmm! Delicious,and you have eaten all 8 fat burning foods in one day. Don’t you feel thinner already?

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